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  1. Idk you guys I mean the albums good but not as good as My First Album by Peppa Pig IMO
  2. shfydgi


    Smh can't believe the new ITM song got leaked earlier than I intended
  3. 2020 will be the year all Metalcore bands die and all that'll be left is I, The Machine
  5. So basically Craig's lyrics in general as of recently? Like man the lyrical power of "Love is a four letter word" is insane (also the song I Am Human is pretty fucking cringe as well)
  6. Message from ITM Management: Definitely, it's especially very important to get the word out for musicians who otherwise aren't big at all and part of that is sometimes working together and not have a massive ego
  7. Message from the ITM Management: Ok fine that means he's available to appear on an ITM song
  8. Collab with Eagle Owl? (pls)
  9. Hey look it's the band that I got into solely because Move Along was used in a Bionicle commercial (god I fucking miss Bionicles)
  10. Ok so I generally don't like shitting on other people's music because my own is absolute trash but if there's one thing I have to say for criticism is the voice, it would be largely improved if you put more power into it and you didn't use your real voice because right now you sound nervous and don't wanna be louder because maybe you don't want your neighbors to hear you (or maybe you're not even nervous you just don't want to bother them). I'm curious to know if you have a vocal booth when you're recording Owl since maybe you'll have some more confidence into the rapping and especially with the singing you do if you're isolated and it's almost guaranteed that no one near you can hear your singing/rapping.
  11. Idk about you guys but I wouldn't wanna mess with "Eagle Owl Management" they sound intimidating
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