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  1. Album: Sudden Sky Tracklist: 1. (X) 2. 20/20 3. What I Am 4. BLURRY (out of place) 5. Red Pills 6. MZRY 7. Under the Skin 8. Sequ3nce 9. March of the Ignorant 10. Sudden Sky So for one not a fan of them releasing the final track as a single, never have been a fan of that. Two they can probably make The Fallout 2 and they'll probably still get hate just cause a lot of people still suck Dave's dick like he was the greatest person ever. Oh yeah and the artwork for the album is exactly what you see here.
  2. Seems like Sumerian is picking them up for this album Tracklist: 1. Leave It All Behind 2. Never Enough (feat. Benji Madden) 3. How It Feels To Be Lost 4. Agree to Disagree 5. Ghost 6. Blood Lines 7. Break Me Down 8. Another Nightmare 9. P.S. Missing You 10. Medicine (Devil In My Head) 11. Dying to Believe
  3. Tracklist: 1. Kingdom of Cards 2. Running in Circles 3. Careful What You Wish For 4. The Hell I Overcame 5. Dethrone 6. Blood 7. Mercy 8. Said & Done 9. Burning Out 10. If I'm There
  5. Well I mean, at least this can hold me over until ADTR finally decide to release a new song (and no this won't appear on their new album, this is a Marshmello song not an ADTR song for those who are confused)
  6. Its mainly a money thing that labels will take unfinished stuff an artist had no intentions of releasing and release it for profit. Like for example XXXTENTACION and the unfinished state Skins was in but it didn't matter cause his fans are so depressed about his death that they'll buy anything that has his name on it and won't face the fact that they're being used for money. One of my absolute least favorite things is stores on Facebook that, after an artists death, would make clothes based on the person and benefit from grieving fans, it is honestly disgusting.
  7. So a bit of a background, I've never really listened to the Jonas Brothers at all and like many people I've only heard some songs (and MAYBE saw them on Camp Rock... 1&2) and the songs I've heard I got to admit are extremely catchy (ex. Lovebug) and I didn't realize that they were gonna reunite until literally the moment Sucker came out. While I wasn't at all a fan of Sucker I gotta say this album is actually pretty good and my thoughts on Sucker might've changed now that I've heard it with the rest of the album. Now inb4 we get a One Direction reunion
  8. And they say Fronz isn't the voice of a generation
  9. Well this is great to come across
  10. I hope the album gets to trending
  11. Hey everyone Kingthony Leaktano here, the internet's busiest music nerd and today we're going to be looking at the debut EP by website Kingdom Leaks. This 5 track EP is a collaboration between 4 members of the website and what originally started as some really bad cover of a Beartooth song turned into what I honestly think might be the best thing I've heard possibly all year. The first 4 songs were done by at least one of 4 members of the website and the EP ends off with what I can only describe as something so powerful and intense that it even rivals the likes of Death Grips and even some of the heaviest and deepest bands in existence. Really I don't know what to say about this EP other than it kicks ass, from the first track that while I didn't like at first now hearing with the context of this EP it's truly amazing to that crushing final track this is easily my favorite release of the year and I'm feeling a strong 10 on this EP. Tran- *sition have you given this EP a listen, did you love it did you hate it you're the best you're the best what should I review next hit the like if you like please subscribe and please don't cry about that I love this EP. Over here next to my head is another review you can watch and a link to subscribe to the channel. Anthony Fantano forever*
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