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  1. Sikes bitches it's me Jordan Fish with my good friend Austin "Rapist" Carlile. I have one message: shut the fuck up about AMO 2
  3. It is very weird seeing you now loving the band after you spent months shitting on them for seemingly "milking" their accident
  4. Can't wait for the day Kidz Bop brings back Crabcore
  5. Fronz's OnlyFans is the only thing that we should all be subscribing to.
  6. Converge A Day To Remember Architects Bring Me The Horizon All That Remains Killswitch Engage The Devil Wears Prada Underoath The Dillinger Escape Plan Asking Alexandria
  7. Fucking finally some REAL music on this site
  8. You: "If anyone disagrees with me, you can't call yourself an AA fan" Also you: "We all have our different opinions!" Pick one are you gonna gatekeep or you're fine with what other people think of it
  9. Or turn around and call other bands "whiny" while also having songs like "Tell Me How You Really Feel" and "Far Enough Away"
  10. I'm mainly referring to The Black since it's being talked about on this thread and people are now suddenly saying it's good/their best despite that getting shat on after Danny came back and the band themselves not really wanting anything to do with it (except for Danny who has said he wouldn't mind playing songs from the album). Just seems like it's only now suddenly getting love and everyone is sucking Denis' dick because the band made their heaviest stuff with Denis and new era AA isn't really making it. Oh and FYI, I hated like half the singles they dropped for LAHOF (The Violence, Down To Hell, and maybe TDWWWW but that's more basic than anything) and I'm already anticipating the album to be repetitive and like half the tracks to be forgettable.
  11. Remember it's only "generic and bad" when it doesn't have 15 breakdowns spammed in the song
  12. Finally get to see why Pandora loves them so much
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