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  1. Is this the same band that flexed their success from doing covers despite still running a Patreon?
  2. Nah those exact same people would probably cower away the minute they hear any form of screaming that isn't from Ivan
  3. Speaking of heavy I also remember during a class my teacher had out his guitar and I was wondering how fast can he play and someone caught on thinking I wanted him to play something heavy (yes I was) and another guy was like "oh heavy like FFDP?" I wanted to die so badly
  4. I live in the south (Florida), I basically meet these people daily lmao I once met someone who said FFDP is the greatest band ever and if anyone says otherwise then they're wrong
  5. Music to~drink Bud light to~beat your wife to~drive a Chevy truck to~fuck my sister to~own them libtards to~wear a dirty tapout shirt and cargo shorts to~obsess over guns to~chew tobacco to~get your girlfriend pregnant despite you both being 15/16 to~never be a true father figure to your son to~casually say the Hard R N-word to~DRINK BUD LIGHT AGAIN TO
  6. Basically the south in a nutshell
  7. Amazing, beautiful album. Truly a work of art 1/5 not enough bleghs
  8. Ok r/Metalcore relax it's only February
  9. Yeah after I was done working on the album I realized everything's a bit fucked especially the drums (you have my shitty laptop to thank for the poor mixing but I tried my best). But honestly this is probably the worst song on the album since it was the first song I recorded, every other track has much, MUCH better vocals and I'm honestly excited for the next single to be released (might as well drop the worst single first for the hell of it). Also fun fact: all the instruments were done with FL Studio midi because I don't know shit about playing guitar (am learning though) so it explains why the instruments are weird but I did try my best to mask it with the amp tone plug-in. I wouldn't mind re-recording the entire album with actual instruments tbh but I'm fine with how it is now. Fucking knew someone would think this might've been a diss to Dream On Dreamer lmao, it's a huge coincidence and the song isn't a diss on them at all. True
  10. If it's popular enough there's probably a torrent of it somewhere on the internet, just gotta make sure they aren't a virus
  11. This feels like a sponsorship for the Howard Benson Vocal Plugin™
  12. Did you accidentally used the beat from Mockingbird on the track "But" or was it somehow intentional
  13. I gotta ask, Ben on the track Struggle when you're doing the chorus again is it you trying to hit a high note or you're trying to do that pitch shift technique pop artists use?
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