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  1. OMG why do you guys hate my baby boo Denis xoxoxo so much you guys are just haters 😡😡 this album is fuckin RADD grrrr
  2. I like it, you guys really surprised that BMTH doesn't have strong lyrics? They've been like that since the beginning lmao.
  3. OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD I THOUGHT THEY WERE RELEASING AN ALBUM NEXT YEAR Edit: Ya know what I'll take a rarities collection to hold me over
  4. I can compare it to mainly Unconditional honestly
  5. Clever is gonna be the song that's made me cry due to a song in a long time lmao
  6. Jesus the salt is strong with this comment
  7. What's this? No Children's choir????? 0/10 Worst album of the year Jokes aside I'm digging this album, the weakest track by far is D.I.E. especially lyrically but other than that it's pretty good, the instruments sound fucking incredible and thats probably because the guy who produced the new Underoath album also produced this. I hope he gets more work with more Metalcore artists since so far he's doing an amazing job imo. My favorite track by far is Drag The Lake (Ahren's vocals on that song are by far the best on the album), and the song The Gifthorse ends the album strong and powerful like I was expecting. It's a nice change in sound especially after the previous 3 albums (even though Chasing Ghosts and LTOTM are great and some of TCBH as well) sounding basically the same. So far it's growing on me and might be one of my favorites of the year. 8/10 Favorites: Holier Than Heaven, Kick Rocks, Drag The Lake, Black Cloud, The Gifthorse Least Favorite: D.I.E., Misery
  8. It's actually pretty good, has a nice mix between heavy and their newer music. The robot saying Mantra took me completely off guard though.
  9. This is fucking Disgusting/Sick EP levels of heavy, honestly glad we probably got the soft songs out of the way so that way the rest of the album will be heavy. Wouldn't wanna give away the best stuff early lmao
  10. Two listens in, I do hope the album is Disgusting levels of heavy and this is just one of the softer songs
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