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  1. Artist: Aaron Melzer Country: United States Band: Secrets (former vocalist) Date Of Death: November 24, 2020 Cause Of Death: Unknown
  2. Ah yes, my favorite genre S E X Would smack some cheeks while listening to this cover I'm feeling a strong to decent 11 on this one. Tran- SITION HAVE YOU GIVEN THIS SONG A LISTEN WHAT WOULD YOU RATE IT YOU'RE THE BEST YOU'RE THE BEST WHAT SHOULD I REVIEW NEXT HIT THE LIKE IF YOU LIKE AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE ANTHONY FANTANO... FOREVER
  3. Ok we finally got a new song fuck yes and hey that artwork actually looks nice wonder how they'll compliment it with the packaging (which is likely what they spent the most time on) Now we gotta wait till March 5th for the album hahahahahahahahahahaha kill me
  4. Trans women are women Trans men are men Trans rights are human rights
  5. What the fuck is your profile picture and name
  6. Wow after Wag wag released an album that DESTROYED Metalcore they think they could just COME BACK to the GENRE??? Da Riva is the GREATEST Metalcore song EVER and then they RELEASED Me Against Myself an OBJECTIVELY BAD song and released an album that ultimately RUINED Metalcore. Yeah sure like half of that album was just basic Wag Wag but I'm just gonna make HURT and ME AGAINST MYSELF the focus on my COMPLAINTS. I will NEVER listen to this band EVER- oh wow this songs lit Wage War is back bois.
  7. James said on his Instagram that he hopes nothing changes with LIVEALIE. Also in case anyone wonders I'm pretty sure Jake left because he wanted to become a tattoo artist full-time EDIT: James said they're still writing and Jake posted his statement:
  8. The second vocalists' name is Jake btw
  9. Me, 5 seconds into the song: "Oh wow this melody is pretty nice" Me the minute the singing begins:
  10. Might be a double album or 2 EPs considering the title is "Volume One: Krewe De La Mort"
  11. Oh great more Christmas music to be played over the speaker at my local Walmart as I die from a stampede during Black Friday
  13. These are basically demos and this is a pretty cool leak tbh
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