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  1. Instead of an acoustic ballad it's instead the heaviest song on the album
  2. Death Because of Death is so fucking weird
  3. So you're telling me that not only do they SOUND like BMTH but they're basically Christian BMTH????
  4. This album is a masterpiece (IN *MY* OPINION YOU GUYS) and is so far rivaling Whitechapel to take my AOTY spot (ALSO IN *MY* OPINION)
  5. Come on Aaron it's ok you can blegh you don't have to do those EUGGHHHH's literally no one thinks it's cool
  6. NGL Never There gives me strong MCR vibes
  7. The Summit's a fucking beautiful song
  8. It's ok you're still learning the website
  9. No no not XXXTENTACION "X" is just a placeholder for any band/artist lmao
  10. Hi welcome to KL, over there we have the regular "I'm just here for the leaks" people that don't really talk, then the active community over there in chat. I recommend not reading the chat of any posts that are past 10+ comments in order to maintain sanity levels at a minimum however if you wish to view comments please do so at your own risk. Enjoy your stay and please don't be that guy in chat that says "where's X album" or "can someone get X album" cause that's honestly really annoying and requests in chat are not permitted anyways.
  11. HOLY SHIT IT SEEMS LIKE HE DID If I were ever dissed by Em I'd just be happy that he even acknowledged my existence
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