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  1. Ahhh glad to hear Jeffrey Epstein decided to become a vocalist, no wonder he faked his suicide Yeah it's definitely Marcus Vik
  2. Welcome to the internet where anything can happen
  3. It's ok cause Sempiternal likes it when TIAH watches
  4. This is basically if Amo and Sempiternal fucked and had a baby
  5. Idk if it's worse than the Drag Me Out album but still pretty bad/mediocre
  6. BONG REVIEW: The bong has a nice mouth hole, very comfortable to put your mouth in. Now the inhale part is what you're here for the bubbling noise that happens when you inhale is super relaxing and very calming truly a unique experience you will not get it anywhere else. Now after you inhale and pull that metal thing that you put your weed in the amount of smoke you inhale is out of this world you get so much smoke that it'll leave you in a high for a solid 42 hours amazing truly amazing would recommend this product a 420% and for a rating I'll give it a 420/10.
  7. No it's actually Jordan Fish from the band Bring Me The Horizon, please buy Amo 3: The Reckoning
  8. Gonna drop their only song for the year then disappear for two more years
  9. Sadly the only reason why his mother and the label continues to milk X to death is because a lot of his fans are either too oblivious or are so emotionally attached to X and his music that they can't see that they're being milked
  10. Well some people genuinely believed that they were a unique and creative band
  11. Alright first playthrough done and honestly the albums alright for the most part, I expected an experimental album (like what the band have been literally saying the past couple of months) and I got exactly that. It's better than Deadweight on some aspects like I prefer Johnny Cash over Will We Ever Learn in terms of closing the album but at the same time lyrically this album is probably better in some aspects than Deadweight and while it isn't on par with Blueprints it's not as bad as what a certain subreddit have been saying about the album just cause of one negative review and one radio friendly song (something that literally every band does, it's not gonna kill their career you guys just relax please). Some things I didn't like about the album is the new version of Low (I prefer the single version they released back in January) and of course some of the other lyrics are awful (but again you can't go worse than "Mirror Mirror on the wall the man I see is at fault"). Albums at most a 6/10 and might be a 7 after more listens, it's really not bad and I do encourage people to go in expecting something different and not Blueprints 2. But really how this album stands for me will probably change overtime cause I thought Deadweight was their best but recently I went back to Blueprints and I consider that album their best. But as of right now I think it's better than Deadweight but not as good as Blueprints.
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