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  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAT!? I haven't heard anything from them since My Brother's Blood Machine in the mid 00's. Claudio never disappoints.
  2. The more I listen to this album, the more I love it. It's definitely their most solid work since XIII and has a classic Mushroomhead feel that the albums after XIII were sorely missing.
  3. You're right, Waylon is indeed wack.
  4. Waylon was trash. Contributed nothing of value to the albums he was on. Glad he's gone. New guy is a good replacement for Nothing, might be able to give the band a more broader appeal, because nothing's voice, while unique, can be grating.
  5. I'm loving all this new thrash coming out!
  6. @98izzark I wish I could share that opinion. I remember the day it came out, going to best buy as soon as I got off work to buy the CD, opening it on the way to the car and then putting it in for the drive home. It was so..... disappointing. I almost ejected the disc and frisbee'd it out the window.
  7. They died for me when J Mann left. To this day I still can't listen to anything released between XIII and Righteous. Waylon is awful.
  8. Musically I LOVE it, they lose me with those vocals. He sounds out of breath Roger Miret trying to growl.
  9. Oh man, this and Warbringer!?
  10. As a huge fan of of Passion 1, Forefathers, and LtFTtT the singles on this, at least vocally, felt less inspired - similar to the new ADTR tracks, but i'm super stoked to hear the rest of this.
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