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  1. Thought this was the duo Slaves 😂, not bad like but not my cup of tea 👍
  2. Will needs to parent he's kid wtf did I just listen to...
  3. Crowds of people who didn't even turn up to see him either... Suppose that's what you get for going to see Fall out Boy nowadays there new stuff isn't that good its such a shame..
  4. I just can't take anyone serious who's using autotune, nevermind the fact that he's playing a diss live as he's stand out song and fcuking miming it..🤔
  5. SH*TTEST thing I have ever heard WTF is Diddy doing fcuking around with these never hasbins..
  6. I agree WTF is this poop? 😏 Completely changed he's sound and look, probably not even written the song either 😏 nice guitar necklace though 🙄
  7. Woooo 🤣 Thanks, Let's see if there new stuff is any good as it's been a few years hopefully it's alright then I can buy tickets before they sell out 😋
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