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  1. No Skrillex features? 0/10.
  2. It's honestly a joke that a band who already adds 5+ minutes of unnecessary, boring filler in every song feels the need to have interludes too.
  3. If I want to hear dreadfully pussyish acoustic shit, I'll download Ed Sheeran.
  4. Tool could legitimately just record the sounds of their explosive diarrhea smacking against the porcelain of their toilets and release it as a 10 track album, and their dickriding fans will still all claim that it's revolutionizing music. They're a good band but the cult following they have just go so overboard. I swear half of them just pretend to like Tool just so other people will say they have great taste in music.
  5. Lmao at that idiot guitarist bragging about how he wrote this piece of crap album. With how he whines like a little bitch every other day, you'd think he wrote a masterpiece.
  6. Whoa did this band actually grow their balls back?
  7. I don't hear any similarity in the screamers....but I will say I'd quite enjoy the act of tittyfucking Laura.
  8. Why the fuck do the mods here spam the site with garbage like this that only they like? It used to actually be possible to find good music on here but now you have to waft through pages of meme music to find anything listenable.
  9. I feel like everyone is dickriding the Corey Taylor part just to look like metal purists or something. His part is fucking terrible. It comes out of nowhere and has no rhythm at all. And it's not like he's some great vocalist that can make up for a crappily written part.
  10. OMG can you even believe that it's 2019 and there are still men that are aroused by naked women? It's like, GET WITH THE TIMES DUDE! Be normal and dye your hair purple and cut off your penis! #berniesanders4prez
  11. Ah fuck now I gotta jack off. I was trying to be productive too and now the next hour is down the drain when you factor in masturbation recovery time. Thanks a lot.
  12. They need to stop letting Jarrod sing. His part in Bastard From A Basket is straight cringeworthy and so clearly shoehorned in just for the sake of having him do vocals.
  13. All of the whiny pop-punk bands on this sound fucking identical. The Closer cover is straight-up making me cringe it's so gay.
  14. The names of her songs make me want to fucking punch her.
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