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  1. It's been 10 fucking years, and they haven't lost a bit of their bite. Daron's always had a great voice, glad he's back on track with Scars! I can see Serj's voice fitting well on a couple tracks, I think maybe they're some of the re-purposed SOAD tracks they were talking about.
  2. Even Aggressive was better than this. Now it's just bland, excuse for breakdown shite. And these lyrics? See debut album title.
  3. Re-listened to the album. Not complete shit just like with Temper Temper. P.O.W was great and Tears Don't Fall (Part II) was nice, albeit flawed. On this album, Leap of Faith, Breathe Underwater, Letting You Go, and the Don't Need You re-recording are the only ones I'd say I'd re-listen to. A mostly forgettable album, but not as horrible as I originally thought. Although you can definitely tell Matt has vocal effects going on.
  4. Was that the one from last year? I just listened to Just Like You earlier and was blown away by Brother.
  5. Haven't listened to them since Fashionably Late, nice to see Ronnie hasn't lost his edge.
  6. The Letting You Go remix is also on YouTube. My ears don't know how to feel. I'm very fucking confused after that.
  7. Look at all the high and mighty judges of character in this thread, holy shit. Who Tim was isn't our call to judge. The past is in the past, look forward to the future. With singles like this, it's fucking bright. Blew me right the fuck away, AILD is fucking back!
  8. I have the Blu-Ray rip if there's a place on this site where I can post the link. 1920x1080 if I remember right.
  9. A bit off topic. but how the fuck does the single have a PA warning? There's only one f-bomb on it, and you have to have three to get the sticker. Seems stupid. Hope the rest of the acoustic album is this beautiful though. I NEED a studio version of I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore, Ready To Fall, and Help Is On The Way. They've only been done for random online outlets.
  10. That's even worse. Congrats FFDP, you just bought the rights to use one of the blandest "edgy" artworks out there.
  11. They literally ripped off a generic poster I've seen at Spencer's for that. https://www.amazon.com/Spiral-Assassin-Revolvers-Skeleton-Fantasy/dp/B016APWQK0
  12. That is exactly how I felt about the new Seether album. Their heaviest work, same old whining about losing a lover.