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  1. First Whitechapel song, absolutely fucking demolishes. Apparently their style has changed over the years, but whatever the fuck this is it kicks you in the teeth, cleans were incredible too. On like 20th listen in the truck, shit will never get old.
  2. Should've expected the divisiveness. It sounds like every other pitch-corrected, auto-tuned generic active rock radio song. Underwhelmed with this one.
  3. Stet Howland on drums was a fucking fantastic choice after Jeff Plate left. Kickass album from one of the greats. Thanks for posting, ordered the vinyl, casette and CD bundles about a week ago, didn't want to wait.
  4. Accidentally misread the title as Babel, still can't tell a difference between the two now that I know it's called Delta.
  5. So this is what Joji did before rap? This is it chief. And the Blink-193 parody is spot fucking on.
  6. Will is the good rapper in the Smith family. Kid should stick to shitty Karate Kid remakes.
  7. Huh. Maybe now I won't know her from that one Christmas song that plays constantly.
  8. "Something they don't listen to" Tell that to people who are stuck with modern pop stations in their office. They're pretentious, Pink Floyd, Vegas-rock wannabes.
  9. More of the same from one of the worst modern bands out there.
  10. I can see why people hate this song. Personally I don't mind it, but lol fucking l, listen to Oli talk about it. http://loudwire.com/new-bring-me-the-horizon-song-supposed-to-be-limp-bizkit/
  11. Considering Fizgig was one of the tracks off Stray Arrows and Sleep Walking Elite was off of the original pressing from Vena Sera, I wouldn't call those rarities per se. A Miracle is definitely one of their strongest tracks in years, glad everyone gets to enjoy it! (Was originally only available off of the getmorechevelle.com release of North Corridor). The Clincher Version 103 is a live unplugged version (not fully acoustic, has a cool bass solo as well) for those curious. Kinda was hoping for a remastered Black Boys On Mopeds from Wonder What's Next to show up, a really great cover and the original version is kinda arse quality from iTunes.
  12. What the actual fuck, wasn't this on Vena Sera back in 2007? I know it's rarely played live, but this is just the studio mix.
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