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  1. Yeah holy shit, dude sounded so different that I initially didn't even think it was him haha
  2. I swear I couldn't even hear what part of this had Jeremy in it. The fuck? Wasn't as bad as I thought but either they didn't use him or I didn't notice and honestly either one means he was fucking wasted on this. Or, was that him the whole time doing vocals? I thought that was Marshmello. It might be him but it sounds so different to his normal voice so is it filtered to fuck or what?
  3. I don't really want DGD to change too much, no other band I've heard sounds like them. They have the most unique sound out of any band I listen to and I love it. I feel each album has a slightly different style but overall it's still got the unique DGD sound to it, and as long as they keep that up I think they're doing perfectly. Instant Gratification, Mothership and Artificial Selection all have slightly different styles (I don't listen to the older stuff really) and it's great.
  4. This. Pass the leaks is way better, zippyshare forcing pop ups on the first click on download is annoying as fuck and passtheleaks just works and is so simple (no fake download button ads or anything either).
  5. So good. Apparently Steady Glow comes with preorders so I'm waiting for that to leak now.
  6. On max volume I still can't hear it at all. That's fucked, should be louder lol why did they mix it that way
  7. Just wanna point out the title track on HISD is fucked. Few minutes of silence at the end and it's missing a verse.
  8. Not a bad album, but personally only really liking Sugar Honey Ice & Tea so far, beyond that it's just too poppy for me personally. So many moments of the album so far for me have just been like "What the fuck are they doing". I liked TTS but personally this is waaaaaaaay too poppy. Pretty disappointed in most of the songs on this, but hopefully it'll grow on me.
  9. Well that was fucking amazing. Don't get all the hate on the cleans, they're probably my favourite part of any Wage War song. It doesn't feel clunky to me and sounds good going between the breakdowns to the chorus and their voices as always are amazing together.
  10. Can I get an explanation as to what this means? One person said it's shorter and you said the other person was right, when all they said was the files are small, so I'm a little confused as to what they were right about or what these transcodes mean because they look about the same to me and I'm not entirely sure how to read them or what they mean and I'm sure others probably don't either.
  11. Pass the leaks is faster (or at least on-par, but the navigation time makes it waaay faster) and no dodgy crap where clicking the download button opens a pop up the first time that I can't close easily on my phone without interacting with it and 50 download buttons. Just one button press and done.
  12. Oh my god I've been checking Kingdom Leaks and Has It Leaked multiple times a day for the past month I'm so hyped lmao
  13. For people wondering where/what the new single is- it's from 7:45:02 to 11:07(:05) and it's The One I Loved. I've cut out the bit for that song and made it it's own MP3 file and if you can I suggest you do the same (just cut from 7:45:02 to 11:07:05 and export as .mp3 and you'll have a bit of silence going in and out of the song and the entirety of the song), not sure on the rules so I'm not gonna post it here but if anyone wants it I'd be happy to upload it and send it (it's only like 7.71mb but I'm on Australian internet so I can't be bothered unless someone actually wants it).
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