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  1. They really fucking want to make sure we've heard Liquid don't they. Single release, on the acoustic one and this too. Lol Fucking catchy though
  2. Nah the people who just don't like it are fine, I mean how on every single post on kingdom leaks everyone seems to just pile on the artist saying they're garbage now or selling out or can't come up with anything new, ect. Like, I've stopped reading the comments before listening to stuff because people here are so negative it straight up ruins the first listen of albums for me sometimes. Idc if people say it's not their thing it's the purist metal head attitude that bothers me lol
  3. Trust Kingdom Leaks to have heaps of people bitching about a band dropping an absolute banger of a song. So, bands aren't allowed to change their style, keep their style or actually use their clean vocalist at all. Good to know. Can't wait for the next release where you guys will once again remind us bands aren't allowed to do anything! I'd almost forget to hate good music otherwise.
  4. Fucking finally, but why is it so damn quiet? Going from this to Ask For the Anthem with my speakers set to the same setting is ear rape, I need my speakers basically maxed out for this to be nearly as loud as anything else at like 70%
  5. Jesus fucking christ. You know how for DGD people always joke about how erect it made them? We should extend that to Issues because this album is fucking insane.
  6. Hated it at first but it grew on me. Give it a few listens, it's pretty catchy. It's definitely gonna be the odd one out on the album and that's fine.
  7. I swear, metalheads are the most pretentious cunts. It's a slightly different sound, get over it. They're doing what they want and we haven't even heard them rest of the album but honestly even if it is lighter, which is unlikely, who cares. ADTR are always good. You guys are acting like this isn't there same band that did a cover of Since U Been Gone and wrote If It Means A Lot To You. They do lighter shit on like every album.
  8. Neither download link is working? Pass the leaks is down and the other one doesn't actually download
  9. Why such shit download sites filled with pop ups and dodgy ads and shit. Just use pass the leaks smh
  10. They haven't even started recording the new album
  11. Don't get the hate, I like it. As a standalone single it's relatively catchy, lyrics are meh. Clearly just them having some fun and showing appreciation to their partners so can look past the somewhat cringey lyrics.
  12. Yeah holy shit, dude sounded so different that I initially didn't even think it was him haha
  13. I swear I couldn't even hear what part of this had Jeremy in it. The fuck? Wasn't as bad as I thought but either they didn't use him or I didn't notice and honestly either one means he was fucking wasted on this. Or, was that him the whole time doing vocals? I thought that was Marshmello. It might be him but it sounds so different to his normal voice so is it filtered to fuck or what?
  14. I don't really want DGD to change too much, no other band I've heard sounds like them. They have the most unique sound out of any band I listen to and I love it. I feel each album has a slightly different style but overall it's still got the unique DGD sound to it, and as long as they keep that up I think they're doing perfectly. Instant Gratification, Mothership and Artificial Selection all have slightly different styles (I don't listen to the older stuff really) and it's great.
  15. This. Pass the leaks is way better, zippyshare forcing pop ups on the first click on download is annoying as fuck and passtheleaks just works and is so simple (no fake download button ads or anything either).
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