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  1. Great band, love me this on Sunday mornings.
  2. New to me, checked them out, pretty good. Worth a few more listens.
  3. Never heard of them, but really enjoying this.
  4. Really curious about this one. Never really know what you're going to get.
  5. Looking forward to this one. Thanks
  6. Never heard of these guys, but diggin' the chill vibe. Thanks
  7. Been waiting for something from this guy.
  8. Fantastic album, just a good solid record. Nothing to fault here.
  9. They have def been hit or miss lately. I'll give 'er a go.
  10. Let's see what this guys been up to since his last release.
  11. ...for the wife this won't hit my ears. Thanks KL
  12. Love it, just set it and chill.
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