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  1. Been disappointed with these guys this year, not feeling confident after this comment. Fingers crossed, off to listen
  2. Great band, let's hope this is a good one. Thanks
  3. looking forward to it, thanks
  4. Totally agree, EP was incredible.
  5. Wives, kids, maturity, human comes thru in the music. Not saying all the afformentioned things are negative but they don't mean you can't put out hard hitting rock songs. This is rubbish as with the last single. Hoping @Burst is right and they are tanking this release on purpose.
  6. Rock solid, these guys never disappoint
  7. Having trouble warming up to this one. Does not sound like Green Day at all. Will give it a few more open minded spins but not expecting I will come around.
  8. Great single, not breaking new ground but a great pop rocker.
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