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  1. This song absolutely fucks. Well done, man. I look forward to supporting you all with a monetary contribution once the record is released.
  2. Excuse my Français, but this is fucking sick as fuck. Wow.
  3. Aesop Rock is so underrated that it hurts. He's one of those most genius lyricists in hip-hop. Also, thank you for this!
  4. Meh. Lyrically average on this track.
  5. Well, somebody can't handle a little trolling...
  6. Sleepwalking >>> every other MMF album
  7. This is atrocious. I keep waiting for Panic to come around, but I am accepting the fact that they will never be at the musical level that they once were.
  8. Thank you for reiterating exactly what I was insinuating. Good day, kind sir.
  9. How has no one commented on the '200IQ' genre reference yet? A community of pickle Rick's, perhaps.
  10. Dude, this artwork is the coolest shit I have seen in 2018.
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