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  1. Aesop Rock is so underrated that it hurts. He's one of those most genius lyricists in hip-hop. Also, thank you for this!
  2. Meh. Lyrically average on this track.
  3. Well, somebody can't handle a little trolling...
  4. Sleepwalking >>> every other MMF album
  5. This is atrocious. I keep waiting for Panic to come around, but I am accepting the fact that they will never be at the musical level that they once were.
  6. Thank you for reiterating exactly what I was insinuating. Good day, kind sir.
  7. How has no one commented on the '200IQ' genre reference yet? A community of pickle Rick's, perhaps.
  8. Dude, this artwork is the coolest shit I have seen in 2018.
  9. I don't hate on Post at all because the dude is really, really ridiculously ugly, so I just embrace his artistry and respect what he's become. Can you just imagine if this was any of you ugly motherfuckers that somehow became famous? Yikes. Anyways, I wonder why he is criticizing the very thing which helped him reach his success? Maybe this is subliminal messaging through music; maybe he doesn't like being in the spotlight and just wants to be able to take a shit without someone taking a picture of it? Lastly, this sounds like an intro track to a very depressing album.
  10. The screaming in this is really, really bad. I made it to 1:43, and I can't imagine that it gets any better after this point...
  11. Sounds like something a bunch of straight-banged third waves wrote.
  12. Malcolm McCormick puts out his strongest release to date, all the way from the beginning to the very end -- and unfortunately, it's followed up by the tragic news of his death. The only question which will forever remain is: "Why?" Man, I am truly torn by this. I had really high hopes for his future releases and the path that his lyricism was heading towards. Sure, this album was a bit darker and funkier, but this also showed what he is capable of -- musically. He created his own style within his genre instead of following the perpetual theme of the majority of the artists in the world of hip-hop today. This album was all about battling the demons he was facing and overcoming destructive thoughts; Mac Miller vs. Mac Miller. "Oh, the things I'd do To spend a little time in hell And what I won't tell you I'll prolly never even tell myself And don't you know that sunshine don't feel right When you inside all day I wish it was nice out, but it looked like rain Grey skies and I'm drifting, not living forever They told me it only gets better" When listening, it's encouraging -- just to hear someone come from the shadows and into the light. The outcome? Not what the album was leading you to believe... R.I.P., bro. Thank you for helping me battle through my depression. You changed peoples lives through music, dude. I will never forget you, and I will never stop listening to this album. Thank you for everything.
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