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  1. I was skeptical after reading the comments but it's actually not that bad which isn't much of a compliment but i was expecting it to be much worse. I really disliked the first single this one is at least listenable even though it probably shouldn't be a single as it doesn't make me any more interested/hyped for the album
  2. Bit underwhelming but still enjoyed it, chorus was meh tho
  3. @Stasz18 glad someone else made the skillet comparison, honestly was the first thought i had when i heard it
  4. Thoughts & Prayers is one of the best songs they've ever done, definitely the highlight of the album for me and an instant go to song
  5. Major Breaking Benjamin vibes on this one i love it!
  6. Really Fucking good cant wait for a full length project from them
  7. Logic's Confessions of a Dangerous Mind: NOT GOOD
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