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  1. Yes, finally, some real fucking rock 'n' roll, not Justin Bieber! Five minute!
  2. TomoLust

    BTS - BE (2020)

    Pop music will always be relevant, that just falls into the meaning of the word "popular".
  3. TomoLust

    BTS - BE (2020)

    Yes, believe it or not, popular music is indeed still relevant.
  4. TomoLust

    BTS - BE (2020)

    Yes, believe it or not, Korea is indeed still a country.
  5. You're joking, right? Freaky Girls and Work That are two of the best songs on the album, though I wouldn't argue that What's New could be ditched entirely despite not even being a bad song. Body itself is a good song but could also be done without just to shorten it up and make it a bit more consistent. But I went into this thinking 17 tracks for a debut is excessive and it completely exceeded expectations, especially when you consider that those last 3 tracks are glorified bonus tracks just tacked onto the end because they were "hit singles". But no, nothing excessive about what I said. This is an exceptional debut album. It's been quite literally years since someone in rap has had a debut this immediately gratifying.
  6. I am begging literally any male rapper this year to drop an album as instantly memorable as this. She just proved she's one of the best in the entire game right now. idgaf if Little Baby's 25 song album went 10x platinum or whatever, I listened to that jawn probably 10 times and could not tell you a single thing that happened. This tho, this is so full of charisma and personality, every song is memorable, every beat hits, bars on bars. Megan just cemented herself into history.
  7. She wants to gec me (whoa) She wants to gec me (whoa) She'll never gec me (whoa, whoa, oh, oh)
  8. Absolutely fucking adored Melancholy Beast, Bone Carver, and Immortal but haven't been hot on anything they've done since King and Barlow left. Everything I've listened to since then sounded pretty corny. This a step up from the last few?
  9. Finally, some real rock 'n' roll music.
  10. This sounds p good, easy listening vibe. Reminds me of BOL4.
  11. sounds to me like you're just mad that i listen to rock 'n' roll music. jazz is over, dad.
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