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  1. Still think she should just drop XCX World as a mixtape. If Can You Hear Me had a proper release as a single it would have been a #1 hit.
  2. Imagine being 50 years old and still forcing yourself to sing the same old shit. Careful talking shit on this site about emo/____core/pop-punk, there's a lot of grown men here that still haven't aged any way but physically since graduating high school. Hence why a fucking Sleeping With Sirens album is trending on here rn lmfao
  3. Haven't caught up with PassCode recently but they were one of the first bastions of the post-BiS movement that actually seemed like they were doing something interesting and then the entire chika-idol scene turned to shit and started to look and sound the same. They appropriated BiS's image while ignoring their actual politics. All bark, no bite. So disappointing. Oyasumi Hologram is about all the scene has left as far as being genuine to those ethics goes.
  4. Fuck they get more and more boring with each single. They're playing it too safe, they're not pushing any new territory. They're sticking to their guns but instead of keeping it with an M16 they're sticking to nerf guns. It has nothing to do with not like anything "new", it's quite the contrary. They're not doing anything new enough. Not a flex but I've been with them since Hold On Dodge and I've seen them release three groundbreaking and gamechanging albums. It has nothing to do with just not liking it because it's "new"; when OTIP came out and it was "new" I was the first person to start pushing that album on everybody that I've ever fucking met. This album so far is making me want to do exactly that: not even mention this album and tell everyone to go listen to OTIP or Rented World instead. It's the songwriting, really. There's no dynamic to this, the hook is really stale, and there's not much in way of actual songwriting - it's more or less four power chords, Joe basically does the same thing on drums the whole time, no real transitions or ups or downs or different songwriting styles than a simple ABABCB, no pre-choruses, no real memorable melodies, the lyrics have gotten so much less poetic and way more corny. It's just...ughh these guys showed the promise for years to be the band that wouldn't make exactly what this album is shaping up to be and about half of what After The Party was. I guess I'll wait to see if Tom saves the day, because Greg's songs have all been really boring so far. Never thought I would actually be more excited for Tom's parts lmao, Cemetery's Garden is the only good song they've put out since After The Party tbh
  5. Honestly care more about what Neige is doing with Vampillia right now but this is still a really solid new track.
  6. Surprisingly good background music while I just did my FFXIV dailies. Cruel Summer, Cornelia Street, and Death By A Thousand Cuts are fucking bops, and Lover and Soon You'll Get Better were actually really pretty and kind of emotional tracks. It's hard for "sad" pop songs to really get me feeling a way but those actually had me feeling a way for a sec, but it might be cause I just got out of the hospital a few days ago so it kind of feels more relatable than it otherwise would have last week lol
  7. Fuck Heaven Belongs To You tho. If I wanted to listen to fucking Slowthai I'd go listen to Slowthai, but I don't want to listen to Slowthai. Fucking lazy excuse for a song too, same beat as Boy Bye but it doesn't even flow into it. Fucking boring. Everything they do IMO will always be held to 1999 Wildfire, and nothing on this gives me the sense of amazement and blows my mind the way that joint did once Bearface's verse hit up to the end. No Halo, Ginger, Big Boy, and Sugar spank, but the rest is kind of middling. I'm sure it will grow, I'm starting to realize right now that Iridescence might have actually been their best record, that shit aged like wine, if wine only needed like 11 months to age into something top shelf. I'd honestly reckon Puppy was gonna. The 1997-99 songs blew everything on Saturation besides QUEER out of the water. If they finished that joint it would have fucked.
  8. Imagine not being able to enjoy all music. Like for real, imagine bragging about enjoying and settling for less.
  9. The thing about lossless is that most audiophiles are just convincing themselves there's a massive difference. It's certainly there, but between 320 and .FLAC it's almost indistinguishable. Audiophiles only complain about something not being "true lossless" because they look at spectrograms. Their ears aren't telling them something is wrong, their eyes are. It's hardly noticeable as far as the actual spectral quality goes, but the only difference to me between 128 and 320 is that from my experience 128 rips have more often than not been a little bit quieter, but that might have just been at the hands of the idiot converting the file I'm listening to to 128 than the actual nature of it. But audiophilia is mostly a myth tbh, those people don't actually tell the difference with their ears, they use a program to tell them that it's "wrong".
  10. My ding-dong got hard until I saw the uhhh...quality. I'm not even a stickler with quality and I think "lossless quality" is a borderline myth/placebo effect, but below 320 really is noticeable if in volume level alone. Guess I'll just wait. Saw someone on Twitter say that a track is missing anyway, so?
  11. Definitely worth checking out his other stuff if you liked this. His output as of late has been pretty weak, this at least feels a little better than the last album and a half, but Love Ire & Song and England Keep My Bones are two of my favorite records, just absolutely phenomenal. Oh god, I've been with him since OG Asbury Lanes days and he's only now a decade later coming out as a chud, fuck everything.
  12. This compilations functions as a better album than Scorpion ever could have. This is also just like some peak era Drake - mostly Take Care and If You're Reading This singles and leftovers. Fucking exquisite.
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