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  1. SYRE is legit such an underrated album, like legit Kanye-tier shit, so I'm super hyped on this. The promise of another four part intro has me wet already tbh Holy fuck there is just a straight up no frills punk rock song on here wtf, goddamn, Jaden brought the old Cudi back out on On My Own too holy fuck this is good
  2. Bless up, Pi'erre so stupid underrated 🙏
  3. This site NEEDS The Life Of Pi'erre 4. I don't know anywhere else to legit cop it tbh, everything else an obvious virus site.
  4. Honestly, I think The WIZRD might be my second favorite Future project ever tbh
  5. Oh it's definitely gonna make my list so far too, the songs themselves are great and the production doesn't change that. Additionally, the production works for I'd Do Anything but only because it's an entirely fucking different song than anything else on the album or that they've ever done, and I'm gonna go ahead and say it might be my new favorite song of 2019. Absolutely fucking crushingly powerful song, the last chorus had me in tears on my first listen.
  6. That's exactly the thing, the production definitely does seem like a conscious choice, because like I said, that's what Fridmann is known for, that over-compressed/over-saturated raw sound. It works for some bands, especially ones he's known for producing like The Flaming Lips and Number Girl, but it just doesn't work for Baroness. Which is a shame, because the songwriting here really is masterful, these guys have been honing their craft and getting better with each album, but I think this one is to the point where the production is so distracting that I don't nearly enjoy it as much as Purple. Otherwise, I'd say my ranking of their discography up to that point goes chronologically until this one, which I would put behind Purple now; it wasn't as bad or distracting on Purple, but it's just fuck awful at some points here. Enjoying the fuck out of these songs, but goddamn, I'd fuck for even a live album at this point just so I can enjoy these songs without the shitty production gimmick lmao
  7. Wasn't nearly as bad because there was as much purposeful clipping and over-compression. Go talk to any audio engineer and they'll tell you the #1 thing you never do is compress a distorted guitar because the waveform is already fucking compressed to begin with, that's literally what distortion is.
  8. All music takes talent to make, shut the fuck up
  9. Listen to how rough Throw Me An Anchor in particular is; listen to how the guitars legitimately sound like they're being squashed, the sound of them mixed in with the drums are actually distorting, it sounds like they're growing in size and trying to break out of a room that their mass is becoming greater than - this metaphor is almost exactly what the mixing process is like - the sound is so loud that it's literally hitting the "roof" of the limiter on the master bus and clipping because of it. It's atrocious, which is such a shame because the songs themselves are fucking exquisite. Even if these were the most perfect songs ever written though, there's no possible way that this album could be a 10/10 solely because the mix drags them down.
  10. Implying DS2 isn't a defining album for the genre. You're not even good at trolling.
  11. Based on the mix on the last single, this is gonna be a rough ride to say the least. It's a shame too, because their songwriting is top notch, as is Fridmann's production, but not in tandem. Fridmann's production work on the last two Number Girl albums is fantastic but it worked so well because Number Girl is an unbelievably raw and powerful band, whereas a band like Baroness deserve super pristine and sparkly production, not clipping and limiting. Why are you booing me, I'm right? Go fucking listen to Sappukei and tell me that Fridmann isn't more suited to a band like that than Baroness.
  12. Go back to your exhibit at the museum.
  13. How the fuck is Girls Have Fun not on this!?
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