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  1. Ahhh yes, nothing like a bloated posthumous "in loving memory" release. Not ripping on the quality of the songs tho, gonna give it a fair listen, but there's no way this can be his "vision" when he died literally the week after his last album came out.
  2. idk man, this is probably my favorite band in the like "synthwave" movement. Something just so good about them. Endless Summer is like the pinnacle of the genre last decade.
  3. Holy fuck they're trying so hard to write a political record but are either speaking in such generic terms or such specific terms to the point that it's kind of cringey and cliche. Rise Against did the same thing with their shitty Trump album too. Hip-hop is truly the genre that punk wants to be right now. No filter, no bullshit generalizing, just straight to the point, and I say this as someone who was a huge A-F fan growing up, like I was so deep into them I even had the White Wives CDs and everything, but this is...god even the production is just so sterile...
  4. what in sam hell is going on over here
  5. Didn't know just how badly I wanted to hear Behemoth covering The Cure until now lmfao shame that they had to do it with that fucking virgin from Shining tho
  6. Oh yeah, I'm just talking their domestic releases, they still have a bit of charm left with their Japanese releases because that market wouldn't want to en-masse buy their recent shift in concept lol, all of their Japanese releases have been solid. Shame we gotta disagree here now tho, cause Fancy is right where I think they fell off. Can't even remember how any song on that record sounds no matter how many times I've listened to it. Think I'll find myself going back to this a lot more than that.
  7. Not really, it's definitely top 3 worst along with the previous two tho, like there's no denying that. The songs aren't bad, but they're bad Twice songs, and generic is the exact word I would use. You could tell me this is like...idk, any other random generic girl group I've never actually listened to and I would believe you lmao idk, there are a few good songs on here, I think Sweet Summer Day is the only one that even sounds remotely like Twice tho, but overall yeah, Twice lost their identity when they started trying super hard to drop the "cute concept" or whatever
  8. Oh wow this is their best record in quite a while, Make Me Go is pure heat.
  9. Here we go! Please be good... Edit: Well goddamn, that was pretty alright. Not 2016 Yachty but certainly a far better first listen than Lil Boat 2 was.
  10. no one is allowed to like anything also yeah, god forbid i want to see the band i like actually get treated better and be able to release an average of more than four songs every two years.
  11. lol Blackpink is once again just a token featured artist before they drop any new music of their own. YG is the most incompetent agency ever, man lmfaoooo And of course that song with them is being promoted on the same day Lisa is also doing some brand promotion on her IG account lmfao YG is the fucking worst
  12. This is good, super fucking stoked for this record. These guys literally will not make an album if they don't think it's gonna realistically top the last one.
  13. Just a reminder that flaming and spamming features is a direct violation of site rules.
  14. the vibe, the flow, the beat curation. fucking calm down greg, it's soccer
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