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  1. I wouldn't tbh, the COWYS albums and the Hellboy mixtape are probably the easiest place to start. This isn't...particularly good or cohesive tbh
  2. Yeah, and they should drop it for free instead of buying a guy's fucking estate when he dies so they can capitalize on his death. Fuck Columbia forever. All music should become public domain upon death.
  3. Well that came out of fucking nowhere, hell yeah.
  4. God DAMN this is good. Even the corny ass dialogue between the songs (total Nightfall callback, it rules) is so enjoyable, reminds me of growing up with that album. Literally nobody else right now makes music to the scale that Blind Guardian does, barre maybe Nightwish.
  5. Holy shit, 20 years in the making. This is gonna rule. Anyways, not big on the "Twilight Orchestra" logo for consistency's sake, so I made an edit with just their original logo, figure maybe if someone else is bothered by that type of thing too, I'll save them the trouble.
  6. I think I'm in another Berenstain/Berenstein deal because I could have sworn this album came out in like July.
  7. It doesn't even feel good reeling in a fish with bait this weak.
  8. When's the official version getting up'd?
  9. Nietzsche👏Said👏God👏Is👏Dead👏Lil👏Bitch👏
  10. I love my god, I love my god! IGH! Let's go ride a quad with my god IGH!
  11. Okay y'all, fixed the tracklist to feel more like an actual cohesive album (especially like their first two) and it's far more palatable like this.
  12. Okay yeah, final thoughts: I agree with the "the good shit is GREAT, and the bad shit is BAAAAAAAAD" remark. The problem is that the bad stuff find its way into almost every song. Elevator Girl for instance is harmonically incredible, the lyrics however are truly awful. In The Name Of feels...useless. Babymetal Death as a song is similar in almost every way but one; it's a mostly instrumental cut with some random dude growling, it's heavy and kind of fun, but Babymetal Death was an intro song. This is the middle of the album for no fucking reason. It feels as useless if not more-so than that dogshit "song" with Slowthai on the new Brockhampton album. It's just there to be there, and I don't give a shit about the random guy singing it. I'm here for Babymetal, not Random Guy. Again, as an intro, it works. As a weird interlude, it doesn't. Kagerou, Starlight, and Shine are the only truly flawless songs on here in my eyes, at least for what the album is. I think so long as they're a duo but still treat Moa as lesser, they'll always be flawed. But I digress, Kagerou, Starlight, and Shine feel like the only songs on here that aren't pandering to the west, as if they were written before they started marketing themselves as hard as they've been. They melodically sound like that unique "Babymetal" sound they came up on. A lot of these other songs are bloated down by useless features, awwwwwwwwfffffuuuuullllll English lyrics (pandering), and otherwise just hooks that are neither catchy nor in their style. BxMxC is a really great song too, but it's held down by the part where the instrumental cuts out and the cheap synth work; it sounds like they wanted to emulate the Mad Capsule Markets again without actually paying Ueda this time, but completely missing the fundamental harmonic structure and quality synth work that makes some of his best produced songs like STUPiG so special. Like I said, every song besides those that's good has a bad part. Da Da Dance just sounds like them going for Uki Uki Midnight or Iine 2. Future Metal's spoken word intro is embarrassing as hell despite the last half after Suzuka shuts the fuck up being really cool. Elevator Girl again has those awful English lyrics, Night Night Burn has them literally yelling "MAMA MIA!". For others like Pa Pa Ya or Oh MAJINAI, it's just the whole thing that's bad and there's no saving it. The tracklist is overall bloated down by worthless cuts like Pa Pa Ya, Oh MAJINAI, In The Name Of, and the new Distortion. On the topic of surface-level horny westerner-marketed Japanese girl metal, I think Band-Maid is gonna end up with the better album this year. It seems like Band-Maid has only gotten better with each album while Babymetal have only gotten weaker with each one. idk, I think if you cut the fat out, you've got another great album, but there's just no ignoring the flaws. Strong 4 to a light 5/10. Wake me up when Pour Lui pioneers another sub-genre.
  13. Okay yeah, after my first listen, my sentiment from the preview post remains truer than before. This is a fucking mess with some potential for great moments ruined by a complete lack of self-awareness and cohesive direction. Amuse Inc. remain the worst agency in Japan. Feeling a light 5/10, because it's a straight split of half good/half awful. It's weird how the tables have flipped, like I'm at a point where like Rob Zombie or some shit is gonna clown me for talking shit about Babymetal despite the fact that I've been a Babymetal fan and defending them since 2013 and despite the fact that I just wanna see them succeed, but Amuse Inc. is continuously unintentionally sabotaging them.
  14. I mean, Elevator Girl is a mostly English song anyway tho. It's musically and melodically good but yeah, the lyrics are just...god awful
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