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  1. "Me think not hard enough, me have small brain"
  2. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I just wish they would do more, harmonically. So many metal bands are afraid to experiment with harmony and feel like everything they do has to be minor riffage and that they can't experiment with like interesting harmonic structure outside of heavy minor harmony. There are some points on this album where it sounds like they’re just about to go somewhere incredible sonically but then they go somewhere else that’s much less exciting than what I was anticipating. Some of their prior work did that really well tbh, like the grandiose structure of Twilight Of The Thunder God, the way it sort of mildly changes its dominant key during the solo and the chorus is just really fucking cool, and I wish they would do more of that type of thing. Mjölner, Hammer of Thor really succeeds at being interesting in its songwriting. Raven's Flight is the one song in particular that just bothers the fuck out of me, because the songwriter in my head is expecting it to go to so many cooler places and then it just keeps going back to fucking chugging open barre chords instead of going into interesting chord changes that would lift the whole song up. More Amon Amarth is never a bad thing tho, just wish they were trying a little more. idk, 6/10 so far maybe?
  3. It's pretty solid, but definitely their weakest effort to date. I guess I just expected more seeing as Frank is in such a turbulent point in his life and people usually make really powerful art while in a state like that.
  4. lol Get your dictionaries out, fellas.
  5. Nice it leaked so early, but think I'm just gonna wait for the 320 to drop.
  6. Really hoping this one is good because the last one was atrocious. First three records were incredible tho.
  7. Holy fuck, this might actually be even better than Oxnard tbh?
  8. Not sure if I like it better than Värähtelijä but it's definitely better than all of Oranssi's older records, this fucking rips.
  9. It's a shame how talented this guy is in every aspect but lyrical content. Good songwriting, good curation of beats, fantastic voice...but holy fuck, every song he's ever made is either about drinking lean (which he claims he doesn't do anymore, so weird flex my guy) or about how women won't fuck him and his dick can't get hard. Like for real, ladies, someone please suck this guy's dick so he can make music that isn't cringey as fuck. Edit: HOLY FUCK and it's 22 songs long? There is no way this man deadass just made 22 full ass incel anthems...
  10. smfh just another Gunna wannabe
  11. This is really good, goddamn. Looking like this'll be the proper sequel to the White Album. Y'all fucking know people will still complain anyway. Weezer fans don't even like Weezer, honestly the band they're all looking for is Asian Kung-Fu Generation. Those dudes have been making the albums that Weezer "fans" have actually wanted since Pinkerton.
  12. Correct songs, wrong order, plus missing one song. Only song that's missing is Butterfly Doors, which was a single and is on here, so just cop this and that and take the two minutes to reorder it if you don't want to wait for someone else to upload it properly. That's what I did lmao
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