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  1. Any chance we could get Red Light or Icedancer uploaded?
  2. Oh yikes, was this...any good? Because I'm of the rare breed that thinks Talon was like finally them fully realizing their sound and then the two albums after were such a regression back to boring songwriting/arrangement and just shit the bed so hard. So I keep holding on that they drop something as well-written as that album. Is this finally it or nah?
  3. Holy fuck, this is incredible. Where did this come from, like how have I never heard of them before!?
  4. Why does every metalcore band have the same name
  5. I'm no longer defending that specific thing he did, I'm agreeing with you. Still downvoting, holy shit imagine being so bitter and hungry to argue that even when you actually manage to convince someone with your argument to agree with you (which is the ideal goal of arguing), you still downvote them. God, how fucking angry are you at like life in general, dude?
  6. Yes, there is no defense for that, I agree. Conversation over.
  7. I wasn't trying to justify that issue, and that's why I didn't fucking mention it. Quit deflecting the original point.
  8. "Just look at Drake's song. These lyrics are so weak. And listen to the beat. Such bad beats. Then you look at a quality rapper, like Big Sean. And, I mean, are you seeing this dude's car right now? And he's got the new Bugatti? Look at stupid Drake's car. It looks like a Hot Wheels toy." - VideoGameDunkey (2018)
  9. If you listen to rap, gang affiliation shouldn't phase you at all, tf? Your favorites all grew up on the streets, bruh, 6ix9ine just got caught. If anything, growing up in that kind of environment commands more respect because you have to deal with the crabs-in-a-barrel circumstances that an oppressive and militarized government has put you in to begin with. You have to do what you can to survive, and for a lot, the gang lifestyle is a very promising form of "protection" and means to get by. It's not easy to get out of it, and this guy just fucking did. If you've never experienced a hood, shut the fuck up about the hood. Very very very very very simple concept.
  10. Yeah, this rules, they just keep getting better. One of the best and most aesthetically consistent hip-hop albums of the year. Hip-hop heads gonna blow their fucking tops if you tell them two Japanese girls made one of the best rap albums this year.
  11. I can't lie, I kind of have this weird level of respect for this guy for just not giving a shit and still going outside and dropping music like this. Like he's really committed to his brand and that kind of commands some respect for that part of him alone.
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