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  1. Wow big disappointment. Been following these guys since the beginning. This is a huge step in the wrong direction. So many bands doing this nowadays. This is how you sell out in the scene apparently.
  2. 1. Moron Police 2. Bad Omens 3. Bon Iver 4. Tool 5. Slipknot Most disappointing release: Wage War
  3. Back when wage war was fucking mint
  4. I mean it's good but it's pretty boring. Most of the songs build to a climax that's way too short. Tool are showing their age with this record for sure.
  5. Good thing I shit before I checked
  6. Good music. That video is atrocious though
  7. Not feeling it yet. Definitely feels like the weakest of his entries. Might have to listen on repeat.
  8. Well I definitely have to check out the rest of their stuff
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