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  1. Loved the last single have the entire ES discography can't get enough of these guys! That being said this could not exist and id be fine with it. Its not horrible by any means just did not do it for me.
  2. Yusssssssssssssssssssssss I found out about Saviour from KL / Dreambound, loved no sleep / the city / headstrong singles when they dropped forever ago. I got there older albums and liked them a lot but am so happy for this to be here!
  3. is this an issues record? or just a tyler carter LP. pretty forgettable moving along.
  4. The last three singles from FIR is exactly what I wanted. I fell asleep trying to listen to the last album.. Coming Home? Can we please have 10 more songs and add the latest 3 and call it a day for a new album? thanks!
  5. the linked video locked away... I just... this is 'metalcore' ??????? Did not leave an impression felt super bland and forgettable. =/
  6. fell asleep before the end of this one Zzzz.
  7. Just listened after sleep and work, holy crap this album is really damn good!
  8. decided to pop over and see what was posted recently before I sleep for 2 hours before work cause I ruin my sleep every weekened. but this is something I have been really stoked to listen to in full.
  9. Cause of death? seems to be avoided and not spoken of on all articles on the matter.
  10. After the first listen I was not that pleased its not a complete dumpster fire but it leaves a lot to be desired. I think This Could Be Heartbreak is way better and most seem to really not care for that.
  11. and on tour together. I will be at the June 17th show.
  12. Damn I gave this a shot and I am digging it.
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