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  1. So hyped for this record, their 2017 release was incredible and this track slaps
  2. I definitely don't put those two with the greats, but I certainly put them in the same style of overproduced metalcore as Crystal Lake. They just do it better. The vocals are better, the instrumentation is better, the song writing is better. Crystal Lake has cool parts, but they just tend to mish mash genres for the sake of mish mashing genres. That doesn't equal good song writing. When there's random rapping, spoken word, gutterals, it's just corny. It really just doesn't work well. They seem to just try too hard to be something "different" in this style of metalcore, and they try too hard to be "heavy". Like their song "six feet under" I think it's called, some cool riffs but man, the lyrics are so bad. Then once the build up and breakdown come in, the lyrics get even more awful. "STEP THE FUCK UP, BACK THE FUCK UP, GO FUCK YOURSELF MOTHER FUCKER". Like. That's just bad haha. It tries too hard to be edgy, and it comes off completely artificial and laughably hilarious. They need to take a step back and realize what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately, most of it doesn't work.
  3. Better than converge? Bruh. I mean, to each their own. But still. Bruuuh.
  4. I mean, Every time I Die, greyhaven, polaris, cult leader, sectioned, frontierer, unearth, converge, integrity, chamber, dwell, vein, Norma Jean, the chariot, invent animate, August burns red, etc etc, I could go on and on. Those are all leagues beyond this honestly.
  5. That's basically what I said about the single, and people got angry at me haha
  6. Tongue Twister is absolutely crushing. My god.
  7. Well they have a tendency to add cringey aspects such as their rapping or "spoken word". The guttural section in this song is awful and corny. There's much worse than this out there, they provide some sick riffs and the vocals at the end of this track are great (reminded me of some Chariot vocals over a meshuggah riff). I just find them incredibly inconsistent.
  8. It's a joke name rofl. Please go back to telling people how you work out your upper body, when in reality, no body cares. God forbid I criticize a mediocre song
  9. This band always has something cool going on, then it's followed by something incredibly cringey. I can't get in to this, pretty awful haha
  10. It feels like forever that I've been waiting for a new record from them. This is amazing.
  11. That's not really the point. You can tell the production isn't nearly as raw as watchers or any of their previous work. It's overproduced, and like someone already stated, the singles prove this. The song writing is way more bland on this record, it's a chug fest. A good quality rip isn't going to change that lol
  12. Because its HOW it's produced, it's not a case of it being a low quality rip. It's incredibly glossy and overproduced which drowns out a lot of the detail. I enjoy the record but it's one of their worst, it's fun for what it is though.
  13. After a full listen, this gets a 3.5/5 from me. It's just a bit of a step back from them in many departments. The production is too glossy and a lot of the melodic leads get burried by the chugging. Trevors voice is a bit annoying, not god awful though. You can clearly hear that acacia strain influence which isn't exactly a good thing. All in all. It's a fun listen, it's just a shame that they released a somewhat average record especially when you compare it to the rest of their discography. I mean, watchers of rule is an easy 5/5 and one of the best metalcore albums ever made.
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