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  1. Wrong, it's a jazz funk psychedelic stoner doom k pop record.
  2. Why is there no download link for this new Bongripper record?
  3. The Creed line absolutely killed me. These dudes are incapable of putting out a dud.
  4. If something sucks, I'm gonna share that opinion. Womp
  5. Yes because my name is clearly serious. Yikes. This band is the definition of monotonous in every way, just like kublai.
  6. YOOOO, had no idea they were dropping something new. On a day of awful leaks (Varials, Gideon), this is the true winner
  7. What an insane tumble this band has taken. Costs and Milestone are still excellent. This is just juvenile and awful.
  8. Kublai and Varials. Aka, hardcore for kids that dont even know hardcore. Both bands are such monotonous trash. This on the other hand, this gets me all hot and bothered
  9. Some super cool things going on in this record, but man, Mike's vocals are shot. It's a shame because that's honestly the only thing keeping me from fully enjoying this.
  10. Oof. I feel I shouldn't explain it's a sarcastic name.
  11. Noooooo this album sucks. AILD sucks too though so yeah.
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