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  1. Lol this is some absolutely horrendous shit. How can anyone think this is remotely good song writing? Trash.
  2. Seriously? You are saying this is better than fuming mouth and employed to serve? Yikes
  3. This is so horrendously awful, and so is the album art. Garbage
  4. Not really rofl. Every site has trolls, it's unavoidable. Fact is sputnik covers music well. Easy to look by genre. Plenty of reviews to read from, long album comment discussions, tons of user scores, and most are pretty spot on. You pay attention to non trolls, check out some well received records, and end up with a lot of good music.
  5. This is true hahaha. I don't agree with him on a lot but he was spot on with Daughters.
  6. Sputnikmusic is a fantastic place to find things.
  7. It's been an amazing year of music too, i have enough records to do a top 150 aoty list, yet, people eat this stuff up. Meanwhile things like the daysleepers, rolo tomassi, daughters, møl, sleep, etc will all get over looked.
  8. Ehhh agree to disagree. That album has the depth of a puddle. Boring melodies. Boring riffs. Verse/chorus/verse/chorus with poor lyrics.
  9. Fair hahahahaha. I can't stand this trend of bands putting out cookie cutter, lifeless pop rock
  10. No hate from me, sempiternal was the last great bmth record, then they released that abomination that's the spirit.
  11. Wow this is bad. Man, their first few releases were great. Their last record wasn't good, and this is worse. What happened...
  12. So hyped for this record, their 2017 release was incredible and this track slaps
  13. I definitely don't put those two with the greats, but I certainly put them in the same style of overproduced metalcore as Crystal Lake. They just do it better. The vocals are better, the instrumentation is better, the song writing is better. Crystal Lake has cool parts, but they just tend to mish mash genres for the sake of mish mashing genres. That doesn't equal good song writing. When there's random rapping, spoken word, gutterals, it's just corny. It really just doesn't work well. They seem to just try too hard to be something "different" in this style of metalcore, and they try too hard to be "heavy". Like their song "six feet under" I think it's called, some cool riffs but man, the lyrics are so bad. Then once the build up and breakdown come in, the lyrics get even more awful. "STEP THE FUCK UP, BACK THE FUCK UP, GO FUCK YOURSELF MOTHER FUCKER". Like. That's just bad haha. It tries too hard to be edgy, and it comes off completely artificial and laughably hilarious. They need to take a step back and realize what works and what doesn't. Unfortunately, most of it doesn't work.
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