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  1. So many live recordings in this first half. Im scared of the second part. What if they sing a song, while taking a shit?
  2. Never got into this band, i think i will pa.......FEAT GOJIRA? Ok f*ck it, i will try it out
  3. Well, i wouldn't go that far, as you did, but i had really high expectations with this album. I just got through the third round, and it's.....i don't know. It has the things that i wanted to have, but still its just....solid? Can't tell what is wrong there with me. After Nurture and Where we go when we die, i thought this album would blew me away in the first seconds. But it doesn't. Maybe i already heard enough music of this kind of style. There are a few really good things of course, like Views from the Sun Nurture Red Summer Coven Where we go when we die but the overall experience is more like....its okay/solid, but doesn't lift me out of my chair. Maybe it changes after some more rounds
  4. @Space I will wait until friday. I really want to hear it, but i want to enjoy the full album more.
  5. Wow thank you! Never thought, that this would be here Ordered the album since last month, so i can't wait any longer xD
  6. I never thought that i say this, but they totaly got me again. I was thinking: "Well, its gonna be solid/okay, nothing more". But now, i already have many highlights.
  7. Van Weezer?? Why Weezer, just.....ah fuck it. Song is great. Better than Black album. I think they gave us three albums, because on of them has to delete the other two bad ones. I really hope its Van Weezer.......why? Ah forget it
  8. Same thoughts here. I thought, they connect somehow these songs, but they just do nothing xD I have my problems with this album. I never was a Tool fan, but the hype was so big, that i had to listen to this. Its very solid, no one can say anything wrong about this. And i kinda WANT to like it, but its strange. I can't explain it. There are some parts, that i really really like, but every song is just an endless build up. The vocals are very smooth and its a shame, that they dont show up so much on this record. Instrumentals are fine, but i've heard better things this year(Richard Henshall - The Cocoon, for example). I dont know, maybe it grows into "its good" some time
  9. Can't take this band anymore, after their 8th album of "hey, lets use the same lyrics again!" But i have to admit, there are some cool sounds in it. Don't want to judge about this album too much, so i'll say: Its still a solid band and album
  10. All links are broken^^ Ah well, i'll wait until this thing is offical released
  11. I bought the CD and its pretty pretty good. The Haken Vibe is real^^
  12. Not as good, as their first one. Too much guitar in it
  13. Looking forward to listen to this. Saw his Nobody Video as a comercial on youtube and couldnt look away xD
  14. I cant talk about this album anymore. Im right now at the end of Hear me.................Life is finished now
  15. Oh man, he's an Idiot xD But thanks for this explaination
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