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  1. i can see, what they tried to do here, but i just wished, they would sound heavy again.Still a good experiment
  2. I don't care if it is heavy or not. Take my soul and do what ever you want with it. Im ready
  3. Nah, i think Friday 13th was kinda....i don't know. Maybe its just not my type of music. This song on the other hand, sounds like classic Gorillaz to me. Really good stuff.
  4. Okay, its now one of my favourites too. I couldn't get over these Messiah parts, so i made my own 17 minutes version of it^^ Works much better now
  5. Very good Album, but right now, my "Best of Prog" Award goes to Protest the Hero. On Virus, there are no weak songs, but these Messiah Complex songs...damn i wish they would connect to each other. As for me, they reprise many songs but don't really create a whole song experience. But still, good album.
  6. Wow, after the first new single i was kinda shocked, how wierd these vocals were on this track. I had to listen it at least 10 times to get in. Now im hearing the second last song and he even screams again. Not like the Fortress era, but its great. Im really really suprised by this album. One of the best things they put out in years. I already like it much more than Volition and PM
  7. I never understood why this website ships this band so much. After Prisoner i knew why and now im through my first listen to this album. Beside one or two songs, i really like this album. Okay DGD Cult, you got me. Do with me what you want! Highlights so far: Prisoner, Lyrics Lie, Calentamiento Global, Born to Fail, Say Hi and Nothing Shameful
  8. Damn it, im still waiting for my cassette tape edition to arrive I have to wait....
  9. Its a suprise, when even wikipedia doesn't know anything about these albums. But tbh, as someone who can listen to NIN from time to time, this is nothing for me. I can listen to instrumentals maybe once or twice but then im bored, no matter how good it is. These two albums are no exceptions. I was looking forward to this, but i already pass on this one
  10. Never listen to these guys(even as a german) and the funny thing is, i couldn't tell, if they sing in english or german right now xD Very odd vocals on that part, but my ears are getting used to it. Very good record!
  11. Thx for the leak! Im only seven songs in, but i like it. There is one small problem: I thought, it would be "crazier" than this so far. Its solid Avant Garde Metal, with a few variations in it, but besides Very Noise, Nervous Waltz and Musette Maximum, everything is good and normal. Thats not a bad thing, but i really thought, i need a few listens to get into it.
  12. What a great idea. Too bad that i can't watch this live Like the other people say: Buy their album! They really deserve it.
  13. As i thought, a real banger with an atmosphere of horror/gore movies. I could maybe cut 2-3 songs of this album, but otherwise its really good.
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