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  1. Not as good, as their first one. Too much guitar in it
  2. Looking forward to listen to this. Saw his Nobody Video as a comercial on youtube and couldnt look away xD
  3. I cant talk about this album anymore. Im right now at the end of Hear me.................Life is finished now
  4. Oh man, he's an Idiot xD But thanks for this explaination
  5. Where the fuck did you get these songs? They dont even talked about a album name or cover or any songs. So how did you get an "demo album"? Im totaly confused
  6. First four songs are solid - good, i thought its on a good way to beat Pacific Daydream by far. Now its just a few steps away from being as boring and cringe like PD. Two Weak albums in a row means for me, i should take a break from this band. PS: Wtf was California Snow? Hoh!..................................................
  7. Okay.....The God is back and gives us a Orchestral Suite Song with so many wierd and crazy parts. This Double Bass Drumming Part was just :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Is it just me or is the drummer playing a hello kitty drumset? It really sounds good but the drum sound has no power...wtf?
  9. Instrumentals are decent. I just cant get over this vocalist. Not my cup of tea
  10. I always see this band every two years with a new album and always confused. What makes this band so special? Whats their personal style? To keep it short: This album sounds like a baby from 30 Seconds to Mars "America" and Imagine Dragon. I couldnt even tell, if this is a japanese band, after many meh english lines. Im hearing "Liar" right know from them. This fits much more my style, but i can see, why they are popular with this style right now. I dont bother, if other people love it, i just want to hear smth better
  11. You're right. Its really not bad at all! The Vocals are really very solid!
  12. Worst single so far. I have nothing against pop, if it has at least some original tunes in it, but this song is just a bad copy of Medicine, with "eyo....eh eh eyo.." sounds, which are so overused in the pop genre.
  13. I nearly fall asleep with this thing. I totaly like it, when they go a bit mellow, but except of Acid Rain and Smoking Man, the rest is just....there and thats it. They can do better.
  14. Damn, this is a good record. And its based on Goodnight PunPun. Looking forward to Part 2!
  15. Never listen to this band before and i can say, that it is decend, but why these hard cuts at the end? The Song is just evolving and then boom, the end.
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