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  1. They said they were making new tunes. I'm looking forward to this.
  2. Definitely give these guys a listen. Their guitarist was a neighbor of mine. Very passionate people.
  3. I saw these guys play various times when I lived in Seoul. They are a good band and I'm a fan. I think they are on hiatus Thanks for the upload.
  4. I've been hearing about these guys. I'll give this a listen.
  5. Thanks for the upload. I saw these guys play a few times in Seoul, South Korea. Glad they finally got a full release.
  6. Thanks for the upload. Greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the upload. I saw these guys in Denver last year and I was impressed.
  8. Thanks for posting this. I've been following this guy for a couple of years and been looking forward to this release. I have the album and merch preordered so this serves as a good preview. I do recommend his music to everyone.
  9. Thanks for the upload. I was surprised they dropped something this year. I enjoyed their previous two releases and Alive in Standby was a solid band too.
  10. I'll check this out. I remember seeing these guys play at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs when they started out. Slid band. Worth the recognition.
  11. Is Adrian, the guitarist, still in the band? He was absent in the music video.
  12. MayDay is confirmed as the second Fire Force opening.
  13. Thanks for the upload. The vocalist is leaving the band to pursue school.
  14. "The Class Of Madame Gazelle" is 2009 metalcore at its finest.
  15. I didn't know their previous vocalist and bassist left. Upsetting but the new guys are a welcomed addition. I look forward to their next releases.
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