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  1. These guys are from my home state. Definitely check them out.
  2. I didn't know Emancipator was still releasing music. I'm down to check this out. Thanks.
  3. I haven't listed to any Trip Hop in years so this is great to listen to.Thanks for the upload.
  4. This actually happened. Thanks for the upload.
  5. Thanks a lot for this upload. This band recently caught my attention again.
  6. They said they were making new tunes. I'm looking forward to this.
  7. Definitely give these guys a listen. Their guitarist was a neighbor of mine. Very passionate people.
  8. I saw these guys play various times when I lived in Seoul. They are a good band and I'm a fan. I think they are on hiatus Thanks for the upload.
  9. I've been hearing about these guys. I'll give this a listen.
  10. Thanks for the upload. I saw these guys play a few times in Seoul, South Korea. Glad they finally got a full release.
  11. Thanks for the upload. Greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the upload. I saw these guys in Denver last year and I was impressed.
  13. Thanks for posting this. I've been following this guy for a couple of years and been looking forward to this release. I have the album and merch preordered so this serves as a good preview. I do recommend his music to everyone.
  14. Thanks for the upload. I was surprised they dropped something this year. I enjoyed their previous two releases and Alive in Standby was a solid band too.
  15. I'll check this out. I remember seeing these guys play at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs when they started out. Slid band. Worth the recognition.
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