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  1. @CMGX6X I thought All Out Life was alright (and yes I know it isn't on the album), Unsainted I thought used the chorus too much, Solway Firth I wasn't really feeling but I try not to cast too much judgment before listening to the album in its entirety and then this track was released and I wasn't fucking with it even more than Solway Firth
  2. I hope this album isn't as disappointing as the singles
  3. @DaddyMac that's a little disappointing tbh after how well mixed the last album was
  4. @Maagg i believe they just started working on the album, so perhaps its possibly just a rough mix for now?
  5. So they're going for a groove metalcore route?
  6. This is one of the better remixes I've heard from a rock/metal artist
  7. This is like Blood on the Dance Floor but tolerable
  8. This album is straight garbage, Into the Fire and Where Did It Go? are fucking killer and are so unique but the rest of the album tries to do similar things but fail fucking miserably and when an album thats suppose to be unique and "push boundries" comes across as boring its a failure. To say FDtD and The Black are worse than this piece of shit is a fucking disgrace especially considering The Black was fantastic especially if you liked SUAS Asking which you seem to
  9. You guys should know by now that when a compilation album has the years in it the band didn' make it and when a band doesn't make a compilation album, the label does and when the label does it's not about the money not the album. It's great though to see a song off the EP on here. The only song off CYB being Pray for Plagues was more than predicable, Braille should of been here and so should of Medusa, possibly even the Eyeless cover. FFS Alligator Blood isn't even on here and that was one of the best songs off There is a Hell... No Empire or House of Wolves from Sempiternal? Both of those are better than Can You Feel My Heart and Sleepwalking easily. Vision or Blacklist would of been much better than It Never Ends. Now for the fucking nonsense of Suicide Season, Sleep With One Eye Open, Death Breath, Football Season and probably even It Was Written in Blood left off but fucking The Sadness Will Never End? Hell they should of put No Need for Introductions... on here just to be cheeky. I wanna note I didn't take the run time into account when talking about what should/could of been on it but it doesn't change that the shit I listed is better than some of the stuff on here and deserved to be on it more. How you didn't realize most of the stuff from Suicide Season and up were either the most popular or softest (looking at you There is a Hell) is beyond me and proves that this was a record label cash grab.
  10. If you think the metalcore craze is over you need to check this site more
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