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  1. @se7endreams you must've missed Immortal
  2. I mean we already heard half the songs did we really need a preview?
  3. I'm aware Swan Songs didn't sound like them, I'm saying this does. If it sounded like Swan Songs it'd probably be better
  4. Which is why I said trying and failing miserably then followed that up with #brokeNCYDE2020. They were known as Rapcore and Crunkcore just like brokeNCYDE
  5. Oh god they're trying to go back to their roots, and failing miserably. #brokeNCYDE2020
  6. He did Asking Alexandria's 2017 album and that shit was awful too this fucker needs to stop producing.
  7. And still no sign of the new Lorna Shore album smh
  8. @JenovaStark Cj McCreery from Signs of the Swarm has some gnarly vocals. Dickie is on one of their tracks and I forget half the time
  9. @CMGX6X I thought All Out Life was alright (and yes I know it isn't on the album), Unsainted I thought used the chorus too much, Solway Firth I wasn't really feeling but I try not to cast too much judgment before listening to the album in its entirety and then this track was released and I wasn't fucking with it even more than Solway Firth
  10. I hope this album isn't as disappointing as the singles
  11. @DaddyMac that's a little disappointing tbh after how well mixed the last album was
  12. @Maagg i believe they just started working on the album, so perhaps its possibly just a rough mix for now?
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