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  1. Thanks for the busted nut while I'm on lunch at work. I needed it
  2. @MikeisCore Savior Sorrow kicks ass @TheEmpire86 His replacements gonna kick ass on this album man @illsurrekshun She was good on We Are the Truth 3.0 (bonus track)
  3. @se7endreams you must've missed Immortal
  4. I mean we already heard half the songs did we really need a preview?
  5. I'm aware Swan Songs didn't sound like them, I'm saying this does. If it sounded like Swan Songs it'd probably be better
  6. Which is why I said trying and failing miserably then followed that up with #brokeNCYDE2020. They were known as Rapcore and Crunkcore just like brokeNCYDE
  7. Oh god they're trying to go back to their roots, and failing miserably. #brokeNCYDE2020
  8. He did Asking Alexandria's 2017 album and that shit was awful too this fucker needs to stop producing.
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