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  1. it's not planned for 2020 they were writing some stuff and hinted at a new record soon but that was before corona hit. Also before i knew a new Frontierer was happenign this year. THe new Frontierer record makes a new Sectioned highly unlikely imo... I am with you on Annihilated. It's such an amazing record.
  2. SHAI HULUD RETURN WHEN REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Matt Fox has been teasing new Shai Hulud music for YEARS now... I'll wait for good quality to listen and this has me even more excited. Most anticipated record this year for me (except for sectioned but not sure its actually going to be released 2020 with new frontierer comign up...)
  3. Oh yeah. Their last album was amazing and this is a really good progression. The Breakdowns are huge. The chugs are heavy. Both vocal style are very well done. This has probably their best choruses so far. The guitarwork is a lot more progressive than before, i like it.
  4. I wish i was not a native speaker. Musically this is really enjoyable but the lyrics are just disgusting beyond anything tasteful imo.
  5. Why does the music be actually pretty good with this bandname WHAT THE FUCK
  6. Is this worth getting? what did they change with the 2.0
  7. Sounds like AILD Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
  8. meh was expectign more idk its good but not great or special me sad
  9. Holy. I wasnt expectign this to ever happen. THis sounds so much liek walls of jericho from helloween. I absolutly love that record. Always been lookign for similar stuff and this nails it.
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