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  1. i'd love to have a different one - but you don't have to hurry.
  2. For a second i thought this was a new Entombed record
  3. I was talking about their last record dude... it's called Winter's Gate. And it's actually my favourite record of them and pretty high on my list of all tiem favourites. (Prolly second after Jane Doe). I think they outdid themselves with this new record. But Winter's Gate has more black metal influence and i just loved that i was one 45 min song telling a coherent story. So I'd rank it higher in their discography. 1. Winter's Gate 2. Heart Like A Grave 3. Above the Weeping World 4. In the Halls of the Awaiting 5. Since the Day it All came Down 6. Shadows of the Dying Sun 7. One For Sorrow 8. Across The Dark jfyi I know my shit.
  4. Not as good as Winter's Gate. But better than all other previous records
  5. Holy fuck - This topped renounceds release for me today.- Almsot skipped this. WTF
  6. THis is definetly tagged wrong lmao. With better production it would be great. Also not a fan of the samey Screams. The cleans are good. Riffing is to my liking
  7. I mean the production is questionable at best. But the songwriting saves this record for me.
  8. @desk thank you if you post something it's like a label is slapped on it: This is interesting.
  9. meh - thought i'd love this with the recs. but actually not quite my thing.
  10. The Album Artowrk is amazing. And so is the music.
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