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  1. Is this the same arkona that released Khram? or a different?
  2. This is great. Also you have to blast this at max volume.
  3. wait it was not public knowledge who their new vocalist was? whoopsy
  4. thanks - woudl you pick melatonin or was there another single released? ah i see - was just a bit confused there ^^
  5. who are you talking about with 3rd album? I considered upcoiming bands who at most released a debut. if its their sophomore i would probably not consider them unless they were incredibly new (say 2 records in 1 year)
  6. thanks for the list - just curious if you consider Thornhill not as newcomers why did you add cursed earth/void of vision/a crowd of rebellion/Employed to serve to your list they are all a few albums in while Thorny released their debut.
  7. Hi, i am currently compiling a playlist of newer bands who released stuff in 2019 so far i have got this: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1vU28s1Kf2TbJxtqwVf4az?si=Mtpaj_XPSg2h_cFBq7726w I'd appreciate any recommendations - the playlist should mostly be metalcore/hardcore/post-hardcore and maybe some deathcore. And i will limit it to one song per band
  8. Don't sleep on this. This absolutly slaps yo @Frak The Gods you might like this
  9. yeah woudl really like to hear it without her ruining the song
  10. its so sad because their guitarist is posting sick riffs on insta
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