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  1. I feel like i shoudl elaborate. This was based on the YouTube Video. Which has so bad audio quality i don't even know what the fuck happened. THe spotify version is decent. Albeit a bit weaker than the production on Bad VIbrations. It has too much reverb and too much room sound imo. also the effects on the vocals are too much and not really pleasant to my ears. Jeremy also doesn't need them. he can sing fine without them.
  2. This album is shaping up really well Love the Walking With Strangers vibe on the vocals
  3. well i mean they could have just wrote their own songs and recorded those instead of recording the songs mitch wrote to solve all of it. So idk blaming mitch is the wrong approach imo.
  4. yeah, i got a bit too angry there my bad.
  5. the whole record was basically written by Mitchell Rogers whom they then kicked and passed it up as their own work. they don't even want to pay him royalties. And I dislike artery for knowing this and still singing them @hundegsicht @Dust of Pain @austallica@RockinXander@Tonisdr
  6. Why are all these people talking about this as if this was actually written by ther band LUL. Won't buy this even if it is good. Fuck this band. It hopefully dies off fast aswell as artery. Fuckign scumbags. Just go listen to Varials. Much better band anyways.
  7. i love how passionate you are about the music you post. always gets me to check out the bands. @Frak The Gods
  8. I slowly fell in love with part 1. But this has me hooked from second 1
  9. Reminds me of gloom in the corners debut records cover. feels almsot too similar...
  10. AOTY from a Band i didn't even know existed? FUCK YEAH
  11. Way better than last record. But that leaves it at a decent 5/10
  12. Holy shit. So excited already for the record! The single slaps. How does they manage to make it soudn like norma jean but just different enough to make it super interesting again.
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