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  1. I personally wouldn't list Whitechapel under deathcore anymore. And EE was not as good as i thougth it would be. I personally like A Wake in Providances new record much more. And are you all really forgetting The Last Ten Seconds of Lifes release? That shit is so fking heavy you are right its self produced. Just found a review stating that...
  2. yeah my only critque would be the production. would love to hear them produced by will putney or maybe even Kurt Ballou (i think he could make it even more black metalish) who produced this?
  3. Love this - can someone remind me when we get a standard 320 ? wanna hear the difference
  4. Start reminds me of Children of Fire record a lot
  5. i need this as a need for speed soundtrack
  6. that unfortunatly what happend to a lot of their releases imo
  7. This is cool the cover is disgusting - which it probably is intended to be - but i'm not into that
  8. as far as i know it's not for this track - could be wrong tho - have been fooled by josh before
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