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  1. @Mayhem959 ok yo maybe someone needs to jump the fuck in here, i've read about every post @Lugz820 has posted & for some dumb high school drama reason someone doesn't like Her post so what do they do....of course they comment back with something negative they starts 'The Argument' between Her & someone else & sometimes Her Vs 3 or more people..... That being said Its Not Her Starting shit on here. Im not sure if you or anyone has ever heard of these but here it goes like this 1 - Opinions Are Like Assholes, Everyone Has One. 2 - Fuck What People Think, 3 - Go Ahead, Judge Me, Just Remember To Be Perfect For The Rest Of Your Life......there's a ton more ok but Really @Mayhem959 you have nothing better to do then go after someone that wasn't even talking to you. It just makes me & whoever reads this think......But then Fuck What People Think.....Right. Finally.......SMH.......just stop man, go listen to the Mark Matt & Travis show.
  2. hey, that's a great fucking album/band. they are really making a giant step in the right direction with this album. I've been talking to the lead-singer (Chelsea) she's pretty rad. they'll be jammin at The Independents in Asbury Park On The 19th.
  3. what bands are you looking forward to rocking the fuck out with?
  4. Thanks a billion for this and i think @Lugz820 needs an attitude adjustment or all this is just a cry for attention
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