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  1. with all this kids bop releasing...i'm totally set for the pandemic summer! gonna shut myself in my house and crank this on repeat!!
  2. The neighborhood is gonna love it when me and the kids roll through with this blasting!
  3. YES! i'm through 5 songs so far and i'm enjoying it!
  4. Haven't heard from Local H in a while, nice to see a new album, can't wait to listen
  5. was hoping this would be a little heavier than the others, def some good stuff
  6. same here, I heard Lacey and was like DAMN! been following the group ever since
  7. I would love it if Lacey came back to Flyleaf, but I know she just started recording her 2nd solo album so it won't be soon if it happens
  8. I wasn't expecting much after listening to the single, listened to the rest of the album and it stayed with the single, nothing great and easily forgettable.
  9. It's different, not the AA i'm used to, If i imagine it's another group it will grow on me, but I guess if you want some pop/rock this will fulfill you.
  10. Solid Review, I'm right with there with you with the album
  11. Always excited for AA releases, but this one is just too soft, the end of the song was good.
  12. YES!! been waiting for this, can't wait to listen to it.
  13. great leak, decent tracks, better than I thought they would be.
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