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  1. this is not an EP, it's an album, there's also a bonus track that should be releasing in a few days.
  2. This was so good! Bring on the album!
  3. Never heard of this band, but a good find!
  4. That’s amazing you were able to get it so early, I’m glad you posted it!
  5. This is so good! How were you able to get this so early?
  6. @mR12 I’ve noticed more artist are using Instagram a lot more than Facebook, it would be great if instead of using Facebook to direct us to an artists profile, we use Instagram instead. Facebook is pretty dead at this point. Also you have to have a profile to even view anything on the site.
  7. This band was formally known as Safe To Say, they changed the name, then put out this album.
  8. This band was formerly know as “Safe To Say” I’m not sure what made them decide to change their name.
  9. This is good! But those genre tags are misleading.
  10. Yes! Another newly discovered band for me! Good stuff
  11. This is great! But seeing how there may be an influx of material being posted on KL, as a suggestion It would be nice if we could have genre filters, for the main page. The ability to search by as many as 5 genres, or more. It would make sifting through KL on leak day so much more easier.
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