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  1. Yes! Another newly discovered band for me! Good stuff
  2. This is great! But seeing how there may be an influx of material being posted on KL, as a suggestion It would be nice if we could have genre filters, for the main page. The ability to search by as many as 5 genres, or more. It would make sifting through KL on leak day so much more easier.
  3. Her next single should be called, “ Clown World Indoctrination”
  4. @xMXUx I saw the post with the photo of the vinyl, in the top right corner of it you can see the QR code in the photo, I was able to blow it up and use a QR scanner app to try to get the link. But when it was scanned it it said that the link wasn’t active. Maybe it will be active later when they actually start selling the limited vinyls.
  5. Today is especially delicious! Good things come to those who wait. We waited
  6. This made my day especially delicious, thanks
  7. I never expected this coming so soon! Can’t wait till I get home to hear it.
  8. NASA - Never A Straight Anwser
  9. @tylerizyerboi I’m really liking this album, glad the wait is over, all the songs are great and very well produced. I was wondering if you guys had left out any unreleased tracks on this record? If so I would really like to hear them. Thanks for making great music!
  10. Getting Citizen vibes from this, this was a good find.
  11. Seeing some Title Fight esque in these recent singles, very anticipated for this release!
  12. This is so good!!! If only the album could come sooner 😩
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