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  1. Today is especially delicious! Good things come to those who wait. We waited
  2. This made my day especially delicious, thanks
  3. I never expected this coming so soon! Can’t wait till I get home to hear it.
  4. @tylerizyerboi I’m really liking this album, glad the wait is over, all the songs are great and very well produced. I was wondering if you guys had left out any unreleased tracks on this record? If so I would really like to hear them. Thanks for making great music!
  5. Getting Citizen vibes from this, this was a good find.
  6. Seeing some Title Fight esque in these recent singles, very anticipated for this release!
  7. This is so good!!! If only the album could come sooner 😩
  8. Although this sounds pretty good so far, I was hoping they would go back to the colourmeinkindness sound that they had on that album.
  9. This reminds me of Citizens latest album, it’s not bad actually.
  10. Wish they would release some new Adventures material again.
  11. Silverstein and latest funeral for a friend sound mixed together, pretty good
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