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  1. Just finished it, here are my thoughts: THE GREAT UNKNOWN: As always, a great opener. Kinda missed a song that felt like an opening in The Spark, i'm glad it's back CROSSING THE RUBICON: Not a really interesting track for me, feels kinda bland and forgettable THE DREAMERS HOTEL: Abosulte BANGER since day one. Love this one WALTZING OFF THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH I: Holy. Fuck. Goosebumps everyone, that ridiculously long build up pays off MODERN LIVING: Not bad, I like that WUB WUB bass line through the whole song APOCAHOLICS: Shikari at is finest. The weird, creative Enter Shikari that made us all fall in love THE PRESSURE'S ON: Kinda reminds me of Undercover Agents. Another chill, good vibe song, I like it REPRISE 3: AND STILL WE WILL BE HERE. STANDING LIKE STATUES. Not an opinion, just got goosebums again when I heard it. T.I.N.A: Probably the best song for a live show in this album. Absolute banger ELEGY FOR EXTINCTION: I appreciate the effort of recording a live classic band, but this feels so out of place for me. I don't think i'll be coming back to this one MARIONETTES I: This one hits hard. Instanty turned the volume up when the electronic drop came in. The ending feels a bit abrupt tho. BANGER MARIONETTES II: Another banger, probably one of my favourites of the album SATTELITES: I really love the vibes of this one. A faster, more "Mindsweep" track. And god how I missed that kind of sound THE KING: Loved it since the first listen, this will hit hard live as well WALTZING OFF THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH II: Shikari always took great care about their opener and closing tracks. This was not an exception (again, it's something I missed on The Spark). Nice uplifting vibe. Overall, I gotta agree with you guys. It feels like they changed the colours for the last seven tracks, it's where the album gains that weird Shikari signature sound. About what they said of this being the best shikari album, I gotta disagree, AFFOC still holds up there. Waaaaaaay better than The Spark, I may like it better than common dreads, but far from their top 1. 7/10 for me
  2. Crossing the rubicon feels a bit out of place. Waltzing sounds INCREDIBLE
  3. Meanwhile A Day To Remember was supposed to launch You're Welcome on march...
  4. Absolute BANGER. This is going to be a top shikari album
  5. What the fuck was this planned or something? is it a demo release or something?
  6. Today I woke up early to buy the album. Out of stock everywhere and it costs 86€ (80 dolars more or less). Love their music, but fuck tool
  7. Maxium Overload was their peak in my opinion, Reaching into Infinity was also sick (The edge of the world has to be one of their best songs imo) but this feels like a step back. Didn't like it at all, and I love dragonforce
  8. This is gonna be a hell of ride. Let's go
  9. For me it feels like the perfect balance between The Spark and A Flash Flood Of Colour. I don't mind if it's heavy or popish, I just wanted their signature energy back
  10. There are some bangers in it (Nero Forte and Red Flag are a slap in the face). Still, as many of you guys do, I feel like a few songs are unnecessarily long. Great album though, not my AOTY but a solid 7/10
  11. My favourite band! I really appreciate the instrumentals folder, i lost it long ago and couldnt find them again
  12. I can't ignore the fact that every song has elements that remind me of other instrumental artists. Nice album, sounds great, but nothing outstanding here
  13. Solid album, probably gonna be their best selling one, but I don't like it at all
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