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  1. @evna Back in my day we swore by It-leaked. What in tarnation is this Hardcore leakage you speak of? Haha. On a serious note, I was lucky enough to score a what.cd account right after it-leaked died. Now those were good days, until it died. Kingdom is a top notch site though, for real.
  2. @evna You missed the good ol' days of the website It-Leaked.
  3. Thanks for the release, but this is the definition of mediocre and bland.
  4. I'm digging this, but is seems like its a joke, or them just having the freedom to have some fun with whatever they wanna do.
  5. @NightAngel THANK YOU for mentioning Shrezzers! I've never heard of them and I'm absolutely loving their "Core" sound mixed in with the Sax!
  6. My AOTY (so far). Such an under appreciated release in the Post-Hardcore community. This ones special for sure!
  7. This bangs, thanks!! Does anyone know the background on these guys?
  8. My apologies, Apple Music has it listed as a 1-8-2018 release.
  9. Is this the same band that released "Failure" a couple weeks ago?
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