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  1. So they’re redoing songs from the sky people ep?
  2. He didnt say every member though like whats Asian jon doing?
  3. Hopefully they put out a new album. This though this is good.
  4. @coachlow yeah they are. Why? What's good?
  5. Honestly dig it till he starts singing.
  6. @bigdru Eh Heartflip is great but yeah dude real friends cover I jam that!!
  7. @bigdrui swear they have an album or ep called "Heartflip" idk it's on YouTube. It has the singers voice on all the songs.
  8. @Jak I agree they should go back to the easycore stuff or whatever it was they did first.
  9. I dig this just wish there weren't clean vocals
  10. @Silverstein95 yeah I seen the preview that's why I wondering.
  11. What about paper thin? Or did they never do a full version of it??
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