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  1. both files are gone now. i went to check the links and they are both missing and now i cant download the album.
  2. i love how itunes has this album and says that its from 2002 and not from this year lmao im just like, whaaaaaaaat? how is this from 02 if rap devil is on it lol apple get ur shit together lol
  3. those links dont work anymore. i cant download the album. the zippyshare link says the file doesnt exist anymore.
  4. @xcblackdiamond bro the links dont work.
  5. was anybody here able to download the album at all? i cant get mine from here. i tried out both links and neither of them worked. and why is the album uploaded in 256 instead of 320? i just wanna be able to download the album but it wont work.
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