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  1. I'm not expecting much from this album. Maybe this way it'll be better. It's how it works, right?
  2. Welp there are two songs from A7X which can (or could) make me cry and this one is not one of them, but this sure has some damn feelings.
  3. On French Amazon, it costed 125€ for 9CDs and 4LPs, but it's out of stock now so it sucks
  4. This is really interesting, but this is not something I could listen to on my way to college
  5. Sounds really cool. Going straight to my mp3 player, be sure of that
  6. That is some nice one. Stones is one of my favorite songs, especially when I need motivational stuff
  7. Well, Iron Maiden's discography is gonna wait a bit, I've got some bad boys to listen to
  8. Now you're talking. I know what I'll listen to when I'm studying at night, thanks for that piece of information !
  9. Yeah sure, I can understand that with no problem, this is just weird to me that a band with a dark background didn't want to keep a part of "raw recordings". This doesn't make the album bad anyway so it's really cool
  10. Tu cliques sur "Downloads" et après sur le site que tu veux
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