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  1. 10) Asking Alexandria 9) The Arrs (a French band) 8) Bring Me The Horizon 7) Amaranthe (can we consider them core? Not sure but I wouldn't have enough bands without some exceptions) 6) Parkway Drive 5) Bullet For My Valentine 4) Falling In Reverse (yeah technically it's Post-Hardcore) 3) Killswitch Engage 2) Avenged Sevenfold 1) Trivium Metalcore is not my favorite genre (as you can guess with the amount of mainstream bands), so it was hard for me to find 10 bands, hence the 2 exceptions
  2. That would be something I could fancy, but I would add the option to select the quality. For example, the new Igorrr album leaked, but I'm waiting for the 320 version, so having a notification saying "Yo dude, the album you want is available in your required quality" Maybe this could be made easier with the answer we provided about sound quality in our profile?
  3. I'm not sure Poppy's LP was anything more than Poppy's voice over distorted guitars. I could be wrong though, if you have a constructed opinion about it, I'd be glad to hear ity
  4. Didn't know she did one, and yeah, I can only agree. Would like to see how it would sound with a studio version, but I don't think it's happening
  5. I digged the original version, so you gotta be sure I'll dig this one as well
  6. Oh well this is going to my playlist. Thanks, I had no idea she released a new song
  7. I'm not a fan of the Sweet But Psycho cover, but I'm pretty sure some other people will be Also, these guys are talented, if you haven't already, go check them out !
  8. Well I take back my previous comment. Thanks a lot !
  9. Thanks a lot, but I'll wait for the retag. Appreciate your work though !
  10. I'm not expecting much from this album. Maybe this way it'll be better. It's how it works, right?
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