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  1. I love instrumental versions of not instrumental albums. Thank you!
  2. I thought that was Fred Durst for a sec
  3. Dude this is pretty great. You'd never know they used to be a mathcore band.
  4. Dude this has such a cool vibe, like if late Matchbox Romance wrote the soundtrack to a noir detective film.
  5. https://emmephyzema.bandcamp.com/releases?fbclid=IwAR3eoILUAon1kKBqBqF9uP4qitrtynqYr_s1SAquCqj6He3dVuUTucvib5Y
  6. Damn, I wanted to name a band or an album Post Truth. This is good stuff though.
  7. I hate this band name so much, I'm such a dick.
  8. Nothing is wrong with it, dude is very talented. People are just overly opinionated on the Internet
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