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  1. I was really hyping a duo of Takeoff and Offset here, such a great opportunity missed
  3. They still doing amazing music, the problem is that Duality is an absolute masterpiece. They are the first modern band that did a good and real orchestal rock album. The lyrics, the sounds all of it is really amazing. Still loving their new tracks but that album is unbeatable (for the moment at least). I think was original asf and the songs were extremely catchy too, like you can introduce anyone to them (even some metal friends love that album)
  4. Is this another project or Johnny changed Bilmuri's name?
  5. It's a good song, but it's basically a song that could be an All Time Low Feat. Mark Hoppus or Blink-182 Feat. Alex Gaskarth. It's good, but its almost the same thing they are currently doing with their groups, would be interesting if they try another style/genre
  6. Let this guy rest in peace, damn god. Not even Linkin park or Adusioslave steal with their singer's dead and they could. It's almost disgusting to see colabs of X or eps/albums of him almost every time. At least wait a few to do it, idk. I'm not even fan of this guy but its really sad to see how they are milking every possible dollar of him
  7. Really liked this song, but in my case i hear a lot of different music, so i don't mind this style, sounds good. But it's obvius that they are doing the easy road to the money. They were doing it in TTS, but at least that album felt like they were doing what they want, this album feels like those plastic albums that the labels pre-do to the bands for selling. All the songs have a few good lines (im not able to say an entire song has good lyrics cause the majority of them are pretty bad except for those parts) and the sounds are really generic in comparission to their previous album too. Anyway, i will listen the full album, like i said, i liked these new songs, but even if i liked them i can see that this is by far their worst/most boring job til the date. I hope in the future they will do something less commercial and more real (even if they do pop, but real pop and not something that could be an 'anyone else's song')
  8. Not my fave album of them, but has some great songs. Thank youuuu
  9. Honestly almost all the 2018 releases were a big meh. Architects's album didnt blow my mind, but it's the best of that list for sure. Congrats to them
  10. Saw this when it came out, but didnt pay attention to it. Now i realized this is courtney leplante of IWABO and i checked it. Damn god this is probably the best new metalcore group i heard in years, i hope they get signed with a good label and continue with this. Also i cant believe how good her clean voice is, in hail mary we can tease a bit of her voice, but couldnt appreciate it really much, such a great idea to do a band with a lower level of aggressivity, she has amazing vocals.
  11. I just listened to it for curiosity, and this is absolutely amazing. It reminds me the interestellar main theme a lot. It has a really curious structure, like many different types of compositions mixed in one, but it all fits pretty good. Hope to see more things in the future P.S. Not gonna lie that i clicked for the song cover, it's absolutely beautiful. It was neccesary to cheer that too
  12. People hate on them cause they are big assholes sometimes, there were bunch of beefs/conflcits with them alongside 2017 and 2018. This year they fight with 21p (idk why honestly, but for sure was for a really stupid thing) and with Halsey too. And there were some other episodes with other people and situations, but well, people don't tolerate them in general. They have some good songs, like closer and sick boy, but they are pretty mediocre in general and as persons, dont know them, but their public image isnt the best neither. Anyway, they are Djs, not philanthropists, so dont mind it too much hahaha
  13. This album is basically a 21P tribute with their generic edm sound added
  14. This tracks have a better quality than the regular old album , or its just the same with some lives added?
  15. I used to love them, but in every new album they are doing worst and worst honestly. I don't know if Anders can't scream anymore as he used to, or what happened, but this new direction isnt working since years ago, they should do a big pause and meditate what to do. The Sounds of a Playground Fading was their gold moment, that was the absolutely most beautiful middle point on her old style and their new less hard style. I think would be really good if they try the same than Trivium, something more like melodic metalcore. This melodic death metal without good screams is kinda shitty. But well, still hoping this album can be something decent like Siren Charms (not their best record, but bearable).
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