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  1. Sorry for being so lost, but didn't Nicki Minaj said on 2019 (if im not wrong) that she was retired of music?
  2. Didn't know Lawson still existing, thank you!
  3. I personally liked Waylon, the only one that i never liked was Hatrix, his singing style is so annoying hahaha and I totally agree with J-Mann being the best vocalist of them, at least his my fav from the band. All the albums without him are pretty boring for me. About the new singers: The new male vocalist is in a similar tier than Waylon, so it kinda fits without any issue on the band and the female vocalist work well for me, gives fresh airs, i dig it. I wanna hear the full album
  4. I thought this band died after Waylon and Hatrix quitted. Glad they are releasing new stuff
  5. Talking about the sound, this EP is probably the most refreshing stuff they released since Xeno, but going to the lyrics yeah, i feel they went a bit static, but at least for me, all these latest songs are more like hype songs (like Kill Them All, Hounds of the Apocalyze, etc.) than "lyric" songs (like Scarlett, Counting Stars, S.O.S, etc.). Edit. I just saw your adding on the "(old) TDG" i laughed the shit out of me
  6. The moment when an EP of leftovers that didn't make it to their album is better than many songs of their actual LP
  7. I read your profile and I don't know why but I imagined Pendulum doing a Dream Pop song and now I need that in my life
  8. As much as i liked that album it's a joke to say this. It's like saying One More Light is the best Linkin Park album (also amazing album and i love it, but it's not even close to that)
  9. All his songs sound like if Johnny Franck of the Attack Attack!'s era decided to travel to the future and become a rapper.
  10. They can't release something without the legend "Cover By Our Last Night" at the end. You should check your sources, might be a mistake on the file
  11. We have already enough with the Coronavirus, don't add covers from Our Last Night to the thing
  12. Did she do that live on Instagram crying for the leak on here?
  13. I Prevail did what all the damn bands that become known by internet do: Make a few covers until you get enough recognition to do your own music and dont waste money and time producing something nobody is going to hear. These dudes blew it up after that EP of covers, and they did a great album after it, but they are wasting their talent doing this. People hate on them, i think (at least is my case) because they are wasting their talent doing what already half of internet does trying to have what they already have: A solid fanbase, in other words: having the chance of do their own music and be heard by a lot of people. Honestly i don't mind a cover sometimes, for example, a lot of bands did covers after Chester and Chris Cornell passed away. And it's cool to do a cover if you feel you need to or if it means something, but this thing of do covers a week after only if the song went freakin viral (like always covering the same 5 pop viral artists of the moment, at least they had dignity to don't do a despacito cover) to get views and money is kinda sad after songs like "Sunrise" or "Same Old War". Like i said, they have something to say and they have the resources to do it in an artistic and listeneable way. In resume, they are good musicians, they are just wasting their talent for easy money and easy views, a shame because if you want that just go and do generic pop/rock music and don't do post-hardcore (a genre that isn't so mainstream at all), but well
  14. I agree on that, they still my all time favorite band, i hope she and Blake would team up to do something in a future. He already did it amazing with other bands's albums (PVRIS, ATL, etc.) i'm sure they could make an epic comeback even after all this time
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