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  1. I checked it. Sounds so goood, this was exactly what i meant on my comment. Would be cool to see this kind of collabds with scene singers. Also, interesting to see Devin doing EDM, his voice fit really good there. Thanks for the data my friend
  2. This was the most unexpectable collab of the decade, for real. I heard it with some doubts, but it's really solid. Normally the dj does some track of his own style and add the feat's vocals, but i like that this is like a ADTR feat Marshmello. Off. Jeremy has a really great clean voice, would be dope to see some Metal/Hardcore singers collabing more with djs (like him or Devin Oliver of ISS, Lou Miceli of Palisades or Cody Carson of Set It Off could be a really enjoyable collab to hear), and not neccesarily doing metal songs like this one
  3. Question, was him doing an album before to die or is this like a compilation of demos and stuff he didnt release?
  4. Her last album was the biggest crap i've heard, and i'm an absolute fan of her. So fucking hyped with this new era, this song is a total banger. Also, this has a Prism + Teenage Dream vibe that i really like too and that "rap" part at the chorus is pretty catchy. Really excited for her next album
  5. This is like if Attila were a serious band, like it
  6. I understand if a band makes many covers when it's starting and they wanna get to known, or even a recognized band can do some cover that has some meaning to them or a tribute. But this guys take it to the most annoying level, and I even like their music, but this band became a really annoying meme
  7. Ed Sheeran is the most monothematic musician i ever heard in my whole life. This dude literally writes the same song and just changes the name
  8. When you accidentally open the front camera
  9. After Most Beautiful Moment In Life i didnt pay too much attention to them, their next releases were kinda bored (except fake love and dna), but this one feels pretty better than the previous stuff. The only big critic i have is the collab with Halsey. Man, you have one of the (current) biggest names of the music industry (and a really incredible singer too, because her voice is unreal) and you just use her for sing along 3 words in the chorus at the end. Such a waste of an amazing collab. The song by itself it's a banger, i loved it, but if they would include a few lines for Ashley would be THE bomb. Im surprised they didnt use her more in the song, Nicki Minaj had a big part on Idol, but well, the song stills amazing anyway. P.S. Thanks for the leak!
  10. I really doubt alt rap (or hip hop)/Hardcore are accurate tags. I would say this is like "Dark Trap" or "Industrial Trap" (idk if those exist, but i think would be more closer maybe)
  11. Fuckkk i love it, Losing My Life has the best lyrics by far but this one has an incredible structure (not talking about the Corey Taylor part that came from nowhere, unbelievable collab). I really need Ronnie to collaborate with a good Dubstep/EDM dj (like Skrillex or Knife Party; like Korn time ago) or any electronic band like Crossfaith, would be brutal
  12. meh, likes are like colors... and even if she were ugly for the majority of people, someone will find her atractive, be sure of that. Out of her body, that honestly i dont even care, such a shame this band has fall into use Ashley as sex appeal for the sells. Not fan of them, but she has a really great voice, heard of her thanks to the Set It Off collab she did time ago and i had big hopes for them
  13. I just come here hoping somebody would uploaded this. Love you ♥
  14. "Flanders is the unquestioned lord and master of the world Everybody just sit back and let the hooks do their work" enough internet for today
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