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  1. Nothing to do with the cover but, did ISS say anything about a comeback or something??
  2. I read only the photo and i thought "this must be Johnny Franck", Wasn't wrong. ON. Amazing song, i feel like im listening to Attack Attack again. I already said it several times, but these two need to do a band together. That would be hella sick. Also a big LOL on the trolling with Caleb
  3. Previous single was really lame, but THIS IS DAMN FIRE. The hype is fucking real now. EDIT: Been wondering hard which song this one reminded me to, and i finally realize that the chorus sounds a lot like Dont want to lose your love tonight
  4. Out of the B-sides and the official LP's. Conventional Weapons, for being a bunch of demos as the name of compilation album, could easily be their next record after Killjoys. My total fav track from it:
  5. I LOVE IT. It's like Enter Shikari on their electronic era
  6. Im really digging it. First album really hit me, but i think it was more for the hype of see Adam doing music again. I can tell this second album feels more like a real comeback. Also seeing a lot complaining for being generic and all. Don't think it is at all, You can really notice influences of other bands (Starset, Sevendust, etc.), and i see some electronic things at some songs (like Ghost) something he never did on TDG before, and i think its really cool to see a musician trying new things. Also, lyrics are being pretty good in general, even first album have some really epic verses too. And, at least for me, but you can really feel these songs; Adam put more feeling into the vocals this time, it's really noticeable. Not the album of the year, for sure, but it's a really good album that Adam and the band can be really proud of it
  7. This is basically like a Sell Your Soul V.2 and im totally fine with it. It's a good song, surprised that the first track that appears dont have J3T or Charlie
  8. They uploaded it on their japanese channel, and its in japanese, so technically yeah hahaa
  9. Yep, and it's more synthpop than new wave for me, but well genres are something pretty open. And i'm not insulting them hahah. They should do some change of airs, they started as electronic rock-post hardcore, they moved to synthpop. It's the natural evolving of any artist, i think they can do something better than this actual releases
  10. Yep, them and CHVRCHES are getting kinda boring already. Synthpop was top tier on 2016-2017. They should do some change of airs
  11. Sick group. I was already kinda dissapointed when they announced their name (still thinkin its terrible, manily cause SM already has Super Junior and it feels like if they were a sub unir or something). Out of that i have to admit all the guys matched pretty well, if you don't know that all of them are from different groups you prob wouldnt notice, there is a good chemistry there. Also title track is fucking sick, i like that kpop groups are trying some concepts out of the kawaii and that stuff. This seems solid. p.d. Taemin killing it hard
  12. Add: @Tyler Carter man won't you be in a problem with your label for leak your own album?
  13. loool didn't know Tyler was registered here
  14. Not bad, it sounds a bit poppy but still TOAD there. Didn't listen this dudes since a long, at least they are trying something new without go to the easy way (maroon5 cof cof). I wouldn't picked this song as a single honestly, it's more like an album filling song, but at least its really easy to hear and it goes fluidly, im sure after a couple listens will grow more on me
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