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  1. Devil You Know! and yes i agree on everyhing you said. My deal with KSE and Light The Torch is that i feel both bands are like a 50/50 of another band (i dont know if the idea is clear). If They would reunite again, i'm sure they would destroy the metal scene. Obviusly don't think that would happen, i notice kse guys enjoy more Jesse than Howard, for some interviews and other stuff that i've seen. But well, at least they are in good terms again!
  2. Disarm the Discent and Incarnate were pretty lame, but this album is the REAL Jessie's comeback to KSE. His cleans sound incredible and his screams are on the same tier than AOJB. Incredibly glad with this album, I hope they get the recognition this release deserves. P.D. HOWARD COLLAB WAS FUCKING BETTER THAN WHAT I WAS EXPECTING. Was like take the best song of Alive Or Just Breathing era and mix it with the best song of As Dylight Dies era. 10/10. Now i will stick to the dream of KSE adding Howard as co vocalist with Jesse and then i will def die
  3. I always knew these girls for the Monster remix and the collab they did with the summer set, first time really checking them. LOVE IT
  4. I really dig this new rap style the singer is trying, reminds me Ghostemane, sounds great
  5. If the OP wanna add it, they released the official lyric video of the song.
  6. I still listening to them, but just a few songs (their singles in general), the rest of their new songs are boring as hell. Honestly after the "let's kick out Adam to put Brad's brother" i started to dislike them a bit
  7. I swear I need Adam's band to become fucking bigger, is really dope. TDG is what it is thanks to him and this dude didn't deserve to lose all his work
  8. I really need to thank this site and the amazing users for feeding me with this amazing under bands daily. Also, first pop punk song that i liked in a long, expecting more from this band
  9. Good EP, but yes WE NEED PENDULUM ROB
  10. It's funny to found this on a site that can maybe recommend you at next a deathcore band with a dead fetus on the album cover
  11. First time in years i have to admit i really liked a new song of them. Since Howard left couldn't feel this band in the same way, but this song reminds me a lot their old vibe, but with Jesse, and works great on me. Also, the people calling this generic, come on man, it's metalcore everybody does the same hahahah
  12. I just enter to their posts to see the memes and jokes
  13. Imagine Dragons + the new BMTH i would say
  14. They are really trying to explode the only song that earned a bit of relevance on streamings. Anyway, was a good reversion, acoustics are always welcome. But, at least for me, i cant handle that this dudes always try to be excesively weird/mysterious like this thing of the coordenates or the website for promote the album
  15. the base is def inspired on Limp Bizkit or Korn, also the singer sounds almost the same than Ryo of Crystal Lake (another sick band)
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