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  1. I think I like this more than you will regret tbh
  2. Thank you lol I instantly thought the same thing haha
  3. Been waiting on this to release for so long
  4. Reminds me of see you next Tuesday in a lot of ways
  5. Lol it's not? Self inflicted was 2016
  6. Some of these songs tell me Tom should honestly be in suicide silence. A lot of his higher screams sound a lot like mitch.
  7. Was wondering if it ever hear new material from these guys. Holy fuck this is good.
  8. So glad he's going back to the old shit. Fuck humanz.
  9. Probably the best edm album this year.
  10. Not sure sure what you mean by rapping, I didn't hear anything close to rapping lol
  11. Well to be fair the first songs on the album are the only questionable ones excluding wake up. Give the middle of the album a Go, you might change your mind.
  12. I actually like the clean vocals tbh
  13. So good to hear new stuff from these guys
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