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  1. Hows' the audio quality on this? The artist said that the 16 minute song was a Vinyl-only bonus track, so is this just a vinyl rip from someone's record player or is it an actual mp3 leak?
  2. Another Richard Edwards album to sadly go completely under the radar. He deserves way more attention from the indie community.
  3. Thank you. Just don't want people listening to this and thinking the lesser quality is a bad album without giving it a fair chance when a real quality release comes around.
  4. This definitely isn't correct. It sounds a little sped up. Maybe someone ripped off a vinyl in a poor way? If you check the track lengths, they're not correct to what has been uploaded to iTunes already. Maybe something people should be aware of when listening to this?
  5. I'm not complaining, I'm mostly just curious. I want to understand this kind of thing better.
  6. Wouldn't it still just sound like 192 then, since all the same information is still there? Does it sound better than just the normal 192 one?
  7. What does "transcode" mean? Is that worse or better than 320kbps?
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