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  1. Thanks for this, was hoping it'd be uploaded here!
  2. I MOSTLY agree with you there, but personally, ArSe is my favorite album from them so far, followed by Mothership. This and Head Hunter are pretty meh.
  3. Nice, wasn't expecting to hear this for another few days. And in 320 too, even better. Going into this one mostly blind other than the leaked version of Drama Club, haven't been listening to previews, hopefully it'll be as good as her first album.
  4. I hear it in Doom & Gloom, but Strawberry Swisher doesn't sound re-recorded to me. As for Death of the Robot, it's not just the beginning, but it's the echoed vocals throughout the song too. "Let your new mind take over (Take over)" Every time there used to be one of those, the (Take over) part is gone now too.
  5. Uh... No? "Play Destroy" is a song by Poppy featuring Grimes from her album "Am I A Girl?".
  6. Wow, this is... Not good, o say the least. Also... "Metal"? Really?
  7. Heard one song from them years ago but never bothered to check them out more until now, and this album is really good, plan to check out their older stuff now too.
  8. Found out about them when their last album got posted on here, happy to see another one. This one's really good, definitely worth a listen.
  9. As someone who really liked their first album (unpopular opinion on here apparently, I'd say 8/10 for that one) this one is a major step back, it's not great, maybe a 6/10 overall. And what's with all these bands trying to add in rap now? Just... No, leave it out, please.
  10. I love DGD, but this is a step back for them. They've been getting better with every album, but this song is about Instant Gratification level.
  11. It's okay, but the Chuggaboom cover is a bit better
  12. This one is... Alright I guess, but the other 2 singles easily beat it.
  13. As someone who has never and will never listen to the original, this is pretty good honestly.
  14. It's... Decent. Expected nothing good after the last 2 singles, but it's okay. Couple songs (Nihilist Blues, Wonderful Life, Heavy Metal) are pretty good, the rest range from decent (S.H.I.T., Mantra) to pretty bad (Mother Tongue, Medicine). Hoped for better because I enjoyed most of TTS.
  15. Mixed feelings on this one. Love that they got Travis on the song, but that Vic guy is... Kinda bad.
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