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  1. Didn't think they could top Day of the Dead... With the way the songs released so far sound, I may be wrong.
  2. It isn't bad... But it's definitely the worst of the vocal Celldweller albums.
  3. As much as I like them, this one is... Sort of boring to me. Least favorite of the 3 released from the album so far
  4. Both links are giving me that song too. I did find the actual song on youtube though, so it is out there
  5. This is pretty solid, though I am a little disappointed that it seems like they just used the Crunkasaurus Rex version of Don't Say Anything instead of re-recording it.
  6. 6/8 and the acoustic Bored to Death. Anyone else notice in the acoustic version, they say "The pictures in Mark's head are always dreaming." instead of "The pictures in HER head"?
  7. While the deluxe tracks are pretty good, that's for from true. The basic album was great.
  8. This is literal cancer
  9. local music

    It Lives, It Breathes from Providence, RI (My state) Another One Down! from Exeter, RI Actor|Observer from Boston, MA Silent Season from Boston, MA War Games from Westport,MA
  10. Disappointed in this one. Definitely don't see myself listening to this one much more, if at all.
  11. Yes, that one. It is referencing that. The line is almost the same except for 1 or 2 words, and the way it's sung is close to the original too.
  12. Really liking this so far, but... "It's my party and I'll die when I want to". They really referenced that song? Definitely not expected.
  13. Dead Rabbitts, really enjoyed that album more than any others on the list. Solid 9/10 I have to add, it's MUCH better than the Falling in Reverse album. That was just not good