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  1. Are you D at sea or Doyle Perez? he changes his name with every release lately
  2. Pretty guttered that i preordered the CD and its still not here. I've earned this one
  3. Just gave his two EP's a listen. Pretty impressive for a solo act
  4. This actually impressed me, went straight ahead and ordered a signed copy to support the fellas
  5. A few things you can add that i'll leave links to. A Flair For The Dramatic (iTunes Edition) - Bonus Track: Beat It (Michael Jackson Cover) Selfish Machines (Australian Edition) - Bonus Tracks: Caraphernalia (Acoustic) & Bulletproof Love (Acoustic) Collide With The Sky (iTunes Edition) - Bonus Track: I'm Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket (Alternate Version) This Is A Wasteland (Documentary) Also a list of covers they've done for Pop Goes or other. (Don't Fear) The Reaper - Punk Goes Classic Rock Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars Cover) - Punk Goes Pop 4 Hell Above - Pop Goes Punk 5 Coming Clean (Green Day Cover) Hope this helps!.
  6. Hard picking like this. But! 1. blink-182 - NINE 2. Varials - In Darkness 3. Fresh - Withdraw 4. Okilly Dokilly - Howdilly Twodilly 5. Void of Vision - Hyperdaze 6. All Time Low - It’s Still Nothing Personal (Ten Year Tribute) 7. Lights - Skin&Earth Acoustic 8. Weezer - The Teal Album 9. Attila - Villain 10. Hunt The Dinosaur - Dankosaurus A lot of this would be different but I’m not sure if we’re including EP’s? but honourable mentions would be Sody - Sorry, I’m Not Sorry Dealer - Soul Burn JJ - Lazy Jesus Simple Creatures 2 EPs
  7. I'm hooked. I actually didn't expect this to be more than something I'd call 5/10 but this like 9.5/10!? Hazza doin it big
  8. I’ll never be able to listen to them the same after the creepiness. great vocalist but it’s just a shame.
  9. So i requested for this with the Target and Japanese bonus tracks and for anyone wondering where to find those, my silly ass did a simple YouTube search and found them super fast. This albums fastly growing on me and so far I'll say Rude Hours and Remember are really good tracks. And all of the older tracks on this are considered "bonus tracks". Bedroom Floor, Strip That Down, Polaroid, Get Low, For You and Familiar. i believe it's because they'd end up on a digital format and no physical otherwise. but surely he could've thrown the "First Time" EP in as well? As long as he doesn't put Strip That Down on his next three albums like Maroon 5 has with Moves Like Jagger....
  10. Anyone got any of her other releases?? I love this record to bits. May need to make a request
  11. Here's some things you could add. I'm assuming the "Special Edition" of Chasing Ghosts has their Lana Del Rey - Born to Die cover on it so there is these. Glory Days Compilation, Includes the original self-titled EP, Youngbloods B-Sides, High Hopes EP, Early Demos and the NCH Compilation Also on the very first pressing of their self-titled was a track called "A Charade Procession" it's gone quite under the radar but is still pretty sick. "All Messed Up" the acoustic version of "All Fucked Up" Two covers they've done also are Can't Feel My Face (The Weeknd Cover) from Pop Goes Punk 7? Tomorrow (Silverchair Cover) from UNFD Presents: Spawn (Again) A Tribute to Silverchair They just recently did a special EP for Cave In/Shine On
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