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  1. Anyone who can get their digital hands on this earns KL another 5 dollar contribution
  2. Also didn’t see this get posted on the main page so I better throw it here while I can! JJ (Vocalist of Deez Nuts) 80’s Baby EP
  3. Me, again!. Last request for awhile, hard drives about to be full up. Would've added to last request but forgot. I'm after these in either (Ordered by preference) ACC, 320 or 128 kbps Orla Gartland Roots EP - 2013 Lonely People EP - 2015 Shapeshifting (Single) - 2016 I Go Crazy (2 Singles) - 2018 Between My Teeth (Single) - 2018 Did It To Myself (Single) - 2019 Figure It Out (Single) - 2019 If the new album has come out before this request is completed i'll most likely edit this or add a comment!. Thanks in advance
  4. Anyone got any of her other releases?? I love this record to bits. May need to make a request
  5. Here's some things you could add. I'm assuming the "Special Edition" of Chasing Ghosts has their Lana Del Rey - Born to Die cover on it so there is these. Glory Days Compilation, Includes the original self-titled EP, Youngbloods B-Sides, High Hopes EP, Early Demos and the NCH Compilation Also on the very first pressing of their self-titled was a track called "A Charade Procession" it's gone quite under the radar but is still pretty sick. "All Messed Up" the acoustic version of "All Fucked Up" Two covers they've done also are Can't Feel My Face (The Weeknd Cover) from Pop Goes Punk 7? Tomorrow (Silverchair Cover) from UNFD Presents: Spawn (Again) A Tribute to Silverchair They just recently did a special EP for Cave In/Shine On
  6. ALSO! After these also but im not 100% on if anyone has them. 320kbps also Such A Mess Times Like These EP Good Intentions Giving Way Greetings From (split)
  7. Hey!, haven't requested in a while and a release has just dropped and i doubt it'll be put on the main page!. Anyone who can hook me up will be highly appreciated as I've been waiting forever for this to drop!!. 320kbps where possible or the top iTunes format possible would be fantastic, Thank you!. Spose & Cam Groves We Smoked It All Volume 4 Spose Spose & The Humans Live In Denver
  8. EDIT I keep forgetting to ask for these!!!!. I know someone would have these chillin on their PC by now so if anyone's got the hook up for either of these too that'd be sooo good. (320kbps also) Stillbirth Back To The Stoned Age Guttural Slug Plague of Filth Megalodon Intercranial Purgatory
  9. I downloaded this two days ago. Easily can say it's one of my favorite blink records ever and really dig all the non-single tracks. Black Rain, On Some Emo Shit, Ransom just all of it is really a fucking gem. Loved reading these positive comments too. i knew haters would become lovers again. Makes me so happy!.
  10. Thank you for uploading this. my daily album for the next two years is finally here because of you
  11. Hey there. just after a few files. If they are too hard to come across that's fine, I've linked all the stuff i can find on them!. - 320kbps if possible. Ock Cousteau Nautical Audibles EP CHUM
  12. So chill. Big fan of this guy.
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