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  1. I downloaded this two days ago. Easily can say it's one of my favorite blink records ever and really dig all the non-single tracks. Black Rain, On Some Emo Shit, Ransom just all of it is really a fucking gem. Loved reading these positive comments too. i knew haters would become lovers again. Makes me so happy!.
  2. Thank you for uploading this. my daily album for the next two years is finally here because of you
  3. So chill. Big fan of this guy.
  4. Thanks for putting this up, made my day
  5. Struggling for ages to find some of those EP's in decent quality. Thanks man!. Bad Religion collection complete!!
  6. Loving it!. Thanks for the upload homie
  7. I am so weirded out. I was going to put in a request for this because my files are trash quality. THANK YOU FOR THIS!, SUMMERS!!
  8. A friend played me this, told me every time it came on the radio he loved it because its so goofy. At first i could not stand this at all it made me cringe so bad. But now im here downloading it... fml.
  9. Exactly man, it's just music. If you enjoy it then fuck yes share the love. But if its not for you, the whole world doesn't need to know how bad you think it is. Don't be ruining it for everyone you know?
  10. Never seen so much backlash in my life. But its what makes you as a person happy i guess. I'm sitting here jamming to this track whilst others are having a sulk!, i actually love it because i've not disliked anything Blink or AvA have released so i get the best of both worlds. But this is coming from someone who cant stand 21 pilots and Billie eilish. then ends up adoring covers of their songs, we'll see most people turn around and love the new record just as they did with California. Still can't get over how many nay sayers jumped at Bored To Death just to come back a year later saying the album was flawless
  11. Just pure awesomeness!. Loving this record already
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