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  1. Holy Shit!, this fucking rules, I was hoping for more scratches and bone grinding breakdowns and this delivered on all fronts I also hoped we’d have a slow song or Aidan sing like you in frame and we got that too. Fuck this rules.
  2. Oh god if this is cringe to you stay away from Slam lol. (No hate meant towards you, just joking around) Album rips, Hard. Hey
  3. This fucking rips! Bought it the day it came out on bandcamp. Go support these guys if you like em!
  4. What a masterpiece and another AOTY for me. And that closing track, GOD DAMN
  5. I recommend checking out street soldier is you like this, it just as incredible
  6. I fucking love this band. Fans of Heavy Heavy Low Low will eat this up.
  7. Same! But I have this preordered and they deserve all the money but that said bring on the leak.
  8. This will make my midnight shift more interesting. Thanks.
  9. Got this puppy preordered! But I can’t wait
  10. @peripheryb check out their last album too. It fucking rips
  11. Oh fuck, bought this on release! So fucking good, like a sludgier pissgrave
  12. This, pissgrave, devil master and la dispute are all top tier
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