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  1. Wow, this lil pump song sucks
  2. Oh fuck, bought this on release! So fucking good, like a sludgier pissgrave
  3. This, pissgrave, devil master and la dispute are all top tier
  4. This, pissgrave and devil master are all perfect fucking albums
  5. Fucking album of the year so far right here boys!, I thought la dispute was top dog but not after hearing this whole thing!. Thanks a lot guys!
  6. Haven’t really liked anything these guys have put out since rage, outlaw was pretty sick but I’ll see what this ones like.
  7. This has no reply’s but lil pump does..... anyways this fucking rules
  8. I guess you don’t listen to grindcore or powerviolence. Sissy Spacek came out with an album this year that’s 39 songs and 15 minutes. Length of a cd doesn’t matter if the songs are good.
  9. I honestly didn’t think they could top dealer, but they did, I love this band.
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