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  1. 2/10 not enough Ooohh ooohh oohhs
  2. Just to clarify things: 2011: "Not Ready to Die" for Call of Duty Black Ops (Zombies DLC "Call of the Dead" promotion and appearance) 2012: "Carry On" for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (Game promotion + campaign & zombies appearance) 2015: "Jade Helm" for Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (Score in multiplayer and campaign) 2018: "Mad Hatter" for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (Game promotion + ???) Drummers on each song: Arin Ilejay - Not Ready to Die & Carry On Brooks Wackerman - Jade Helm & Mad Hatter Bonus facts: "Nightmare" from 2010 album "Nightmare" appears in Black Ops "Shepherd of Fire" from 2013 album "Hail to the King" appears in Black Ops 2
  3. I gotta post my honest thoughts on this song I've listened to it whole day now and I must say im DISSAPOINTED All the magic that LORNA SHORE had, disappeared and this song sounds clearly like a Signs of the Swarm V2 It's good, it's brutal but the lorna shore magic is gone and its not gonna return the whole atmosphere that FLESH COFFIN had is nowhere to find here
  4. W O L V E S O V S I B E R I A W I L K I S Y B E R I I
  5. Fit for a King As I Lay Dying Erra
  6. My boys Kadeem France, Frankie Palmeri and Tyler Shelton
  7. Anger Left Behind > In Our Wake ALB feels more oldschool to me and I like it, both songs are cool tho
  8. LANDMVRKS > Fit for a King byee