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  1. I'm Polish living in Germany also ja und nein aber gibts viele Deutsche auf der Seite
  2. New Within the Ruins album "Black Heart" out November 27th featuring 10 tracks in total
  3. you sure tho? what if Loathe actually wrote it for them?
  5. Ok after first playthrough I enjoyed this album slightly more than "Skinny Dipping" Fav songs: "Blurry", "Eviligo", "Drink to Drown" and "Hate Me (Sometimes)" Really good album and from now it's only gonna grow on me more and more
  6. @DekinhoDesu Yup, this is gonna be the first FFAA album that I'm gonna enjoy bro, took them some time
  7. I usually don't say such things but @codeorange is really a true legend on this site
  8. I think I prefer Akudama tho, what you can say for sure since Aidan left is that no matter what song they drop you can really hear a huge influence and style that Sabian brings to the sound of the band with his guitar work on each track SUPER EXCITED for the album anyways! "a quiet place to die" out September 25th! Next single "bleed 4 you" out August 12th!
  9. Updated list: Neck Deep "Sick Joke" | July 20 Alpha Wolf "Creep" | July 22nd In Hearts Wake ft. Georgia Flood "Crossroads" | July 22nd Three Days Grace "Somebody That I Used To Know (Gotye ft. Kimbra Cover)" | July 22nd Ingested ft. Kirk Windstein "Another Breath" | July 23rd Chelsea Grin "Bleeding Sun" | July 24th Creeper "Poisoned Heart" | July 24th Eskimo Callboy "Love/Hate" | July 24th Good Tiger "GoGo Yubari" | July 24th Movements "Don't Give Up Your Ghost" | July 24th Nasty "Ultimate" | July 24th Within Destruction ft. Bill $aber "Harakiri" | July 29th Curses "Amethyst" | July 31st From Ashes to New ft. Anders Fridén - Scars That I'm Hiding | July 31st Good Tiger "Grow.Smile.Accept" | July 31st Alpha Wolf "bleed 4 you" | August 12th Kingdom of Giants "Wayfinder" | August 14th Kingdom of Giants "Blue Dream" | September 18th
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