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  1. Born of Osiris, ExitWounds, Traitors, Lotus Eater, Gravemind and now Alpha Wolf...
  2. It's okay bro, don't take my downvotes too seriously I'm just currently blinded by love to this band
  3. I told myself that I won't comment anymore on this site but everybody on KL knows that this one is a special one for me. I've been waiting for this for many long months and time has finally came, this record leaked literally 5 minutes after my heart has been broken to thousands of pieces and now I'm listening to it crying tears of sadness and happiness at the same time. Some of you may have already noticed that I don't post much on the site anymore and it will stay that way, I'm sorry for all the stupid things I've did here Please guys, support this band as much as you can! this is true beauty, already pre-ordered my bundle. Peace brothers Marigold You Never Know
  4. Cover art looks like it could be a deluxe edition of latest The Amity Affliction album
  5. If I'll get on staff I promise to post leaks with the speed of light, vote for me fellow citizens of KL! Thank you.
  6. seriously tho: I don't need to write anything, I already sent application form
  7. That's a big HELL FUCKING YEAH from me
  8. I've never been a Zebrahead fan but I really enjoy both new singles
  9. Not sure bro, thanks for the catch, it could be it but here it says that's a b-side of the vinyl
  10. Those guys can't be stopped! btw. there's a vinyl exclusive track called "Etching" hope somebody will rip it soon
  11. I like "Drive" more but this is cool too. Looking forward to "Nova" in april.
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