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  1. Within Destruction - Malevolent | 14 April Currents | 17 April Lakeshore | 17 April Left to Suffer - Wasted | April Dead/Awake - Deicide | May
  2. This is amazing, I've never heard of this duo before and after accidentally hearing "stardew" I've fallen in love and became a new fan of those guys! oh and the vocalist is ct
  3. I HATE THIS GUY Like I don't even need to listen to this song to know it's FUCKING BOMB WHAT A FUCKING LEGEND LAN-DON TWO-VERSE
  4. Boston Manor - Plasticine Dreams | 3 April
  5. Stand Atlantic - Drink to Drown | 2 April Billy Talent - I Beg to Differ (This Will Get Better) | 3 April Ghost Iris - Made to Rust | 3 April Holding Absence - Birdcage | 17 April Shinedown - Atlas Falls | 22 May
  6. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS This band is getting better and better with each release The chorus is huge, the HA signature sound is still there but it feels like the band just leveled up. Can't wait for their second full-length later this year!
  7. 4th single and still no album announcement lol
  8. nihilist blues 2 but to be serious, I absolutely love this track, hyped for the album!
  10. This is really good just like the first single! sounds like it's gonna be a solid debut from these guys #SHARPTONE
  11. PVRIS - Gimme a Minute | ? April Make Them Suffer - Bones | 17/24 April
  12. Welcome to the SHARPTONE family! yeaaah, predicted new ST band correctly AGAIN
  13. 2/10 not enough earrape and glitches
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