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  1. Drink game: take a shot everytime Kelly mentions 1) suicide 2) hollywood 3) someone that's dead 4) his daughter but on a serious note as a guy that isn't that much into rap game I really enjoy this whole album (my favourite track being nr14 tho) very emotional and well balanced
  2. also: drinking game: take a shot every time you hear 1voice clip of flies 2voice clip of slashing 3voice clip of drippig blood 4pig squeals
  3. Without a doubt their best material *ANGRY CRICKET NOISES*
  4. Solid stuff but they can do better, excited for their future! PS. They are no longer on SharpTone due to too many lineup changes
  5. I can listen to this song 24/7 for a straight week just for Calebs iconic "YEAHYEAHYEAH" at 2:20
  6. Bro your profile picture is legendary like the father, and his father and his fathers father and his fathers fathers father
  7. what the fuck is this name <polish intensifies>
  8. THERE IS NO WAY that person that mixed this song was sober
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