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  1. It's been 9 days since I've been listening to this song at least 30 to 50 times a day and I still can't stop, favorite song of the year so far
  2. I have a huge crush on Reba, she killed it (again) in this song this is very different for what CO usually do, I'm excited!
  3. This is something else, this is incredibly beautiful Very different and very interesting song Loathe is still surprising us LOATHE AS ONE
  4. 1. Dealer - Soul Burn 2. Bring Me the Horizon - amo 3. Counterparts - Nothing Left to Love 4. Alpha Wolf - Fault 5. Landon Tewers - Withdrawals 6. Holding Absence - Holding Absence 7. PVRIS - Hallucinations 8. FEVER 333 - STRENGTH IN NUMB333RS 9. Post Malone - Hollywood's Bleeding 10. Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind
  5. First song COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS BMTH fans:
  6. What I can tell for sure about this band is that the vocalist goes exactly as hard live as on record, also they are very nice guys
  8. LOATHE AS ONE This is amazing, my favourite part is the chorus new album "I Let It in and It Took Everything" is out february 7th 2020
  9. Me listening to the whole album for the first time: <track 1 starts> me: <jawns> that's a boring intro... <track 2 starts> me: gets a FUCKING HEART ATTACK I mean the band as a whole is great and bad ass but I CAN'T STAND those donald duck vocals
  10. Departures are officially no more source: their social media
  11. I just wanted to comment on this thread to tell that this album THIS ALBUM is my ALL TIME EVER RELEASED PIECE OF MUSIC/ART/VISUALS/VIBES/LYRICS/WHATEVER YOU WANNA CALL IT ever like literally EVER I find THIS ALBUM as a PERFECT MASTERPIECE My one and only true and pure 10/10
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