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  1. Drowning - 23 (2018)

    story of my life
  2. Amazing Those guys hold special place in my musical heart
  3. Had no idea Lil Yachty had punk band
  4. "BERO drowning" oh boy you don't know how many memes I made on this site
  5. Damn, this is way more enjoyable than I thought it would be
  6. Those guys just can't be stopped
  7. > Landon Tewers (Solo or with TPIY) > Bad Song pick one
  8. not my proudest fap
  9. Christopher Fronz Fronzilla Slime Daddy Metalcore OG Millionaire Fronzak is a lyrical genius and a true pure artistic beautiful soul and I am incredibly blessed to be able to listen to this amazing recording, Its truly incredible that a person can put so much meaning and deep life thoughts into one track, I dont remember last time being moved so much by a message like this. Attila are my heroes and im super proud to be their fan forever #RageoholicsUnite I dream about meeting Fronz one day and to drink coffee with him.