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  1. I don't know how the hell I managed to miss this getting posted on Thursday but h o l y fuck, that was a ride.Solid release from them
  2. why tf have I never listened to Crystal Lake before? even if it's a re-recording this shit fucking rips.
  3. Kind of an odd thing to wake up to today. Never expected the return of DRUGS, interesting song nonetheless. Hope the track gets out of its demo stage if anything in the near future. Its not a bad song, but it doesnt fully feel like how the self titled album felt in terms of sound. Guess we’ll see how well this goes. Cant wait for more. Thanks for sharing it!
  4. I love Misery, but damn, this is pretty fucking sick Thanks for posting this here! These guys seem to be doing pretty good.
  5. I was happy to see all the names up until Kyle. Rip Kyle
  6. Little sad FeelFly and h8wave aren't on this. They're great songs. But I cannot fracking wait for this album!! Loved the singles so far!
  7. bruh this album rips miw better step up their shit or else they gonna fall behind the queen of fuckin rock
  8. I dunno, lot of people are trashing on Volbeat for the sound of this album and the general direction it has gone so far. I have the Deluxe edition on pre-order.. And I think it's going very well so far. It reminds me a lot of Beyond Hell Above Heaven and I don't exactly know why. So far, it's shaping up to be a good album in my eyes.
  9. I’m not gonna lie... I haven’t heard anything from these guys in a while. The only song I’ve heard really is die trying.. guess i’ll give this a shot. I was just thinking about these guys the other day too.
  10. Whaaaaaaat, didn't expect some DGD today.. Is this all new or old just redone? I haven't been a DGD fan for that long.
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