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  1. Electronics and vocals were beast. I'm kind of already over the whole "tune to drop Q and spam 0" phase of metalcore though. This band used to have godly riffs, I hope we'll get some of that on the album.
  2. While this is again fairly bland and formulaic, it has to be said that this is way better than the last one. Holy fuck was the ST bad, especially the production. This one has slightly worse lyrics, but much better instrumentation and ten times the production. The real problem I see with this one is the 15 songs: There is a shit ton of filler. The album kind of lost me halfway through and only the closer stuck with me after that. They've always had longer albums, but Jesus Christ this could be improved by cutting some of the fluff and improving the songs that actually made it on here. I give this a 6/10. (for reference, R&R is a 9.5, FDTD is 9, The Black a 7, SUAS is a 6.5, and the ST is a 4)
  3. Honestly these verses are insufferable. That snare sounds like a wet fart and Danny continues with his weird vocals that are drowned in vocoder for some reason.
  4. I really don't get what they're doing anymore. This isn't just super generic and uninspired, it's also poorly written and mixed. At least the ST had some catchy stuff. Chorus is good, but the verses keep getting worse with every new song they release.
  5. This really started to take off after the 50% mark. Damn this is good.
  6. Chorus is catchy, the riff is decent, but way too overplayed. I was vibing with this until Danny came in. What the hell was that opening? Is he just treating AA as karaoke now? The constant use of NANANANA and "HEY!" also got old real quick. And please, playing the same riff with half-time drums and distorted vocals is NOT a breakdown lmao.
  7. It really boils down to this. These singles sound like ADTR is covering a bunch of other bands in the alt-rock genre. From instrumentation to lyrics, to Jeremy's vocal style and the shit-ton of processing on his voice. It's catchy and with the entire album giving us context I might actually end up liking these songs, but my initial reaction to all the singles has been "eh, pretty catchy but I've heard this 10000 times over the last couple years".
  8. I think it's safe to say this band lost their magic when Lloyd left. LNOTGY was a masterpiece and they've just been riding that wave since. It's an alright song, but damn forgettable. The mix is fantastic though so there's that.
  9. Wow Decay is awesome. Also love how Christian is singing more on this.
  10. Not gonna lie judging from the title I was worried this might be some political "woke" bullshit. They already did something similar with Under Denver. Lmao I saw then on the same tour and it was comical how fucking bad AA was compared to the other bands. It has to be said that Denis was a step up from Danny though. At least he doesn't get on stage blackout drunk or high. I'm actually curious where people are hearing FDTD influence on here? The last song maybe, because it had an actual riff, but Antisocialist is just a bad sequel to Alone In A Room.
  11. Song is pretty cool, but what the fuck is Danny doing with his voice lately? He forces it so high and it has zero grit like he used to have. It's impressive technically but I kinda wish he would sing a little lower but with more power. Also still way too many vocal effects.
  12. I just don't get it. Matty always had christian lyrics, but ever since Unconditional and his first solo album they're so soooo on-the-nose. A little bit of subtlety would go a long way.
  13. Much better than the last one. More groove, better riffs, lyrics don't instantly make me cringe and tbh there is some pretty good songwriting to be found here. It's nothing groundbreaking, but they are definitely on an upward trajectory. Solid 6/10 album.
  14. I really like the work on the acoustic guitars and the string arrangements. Vocals are pretty lazy and overall this felt a little overhyped for how low-effort it actually was.
  15. What the hell is going on with these track lenghts and names?
  16. Yeah aside from the Rise Up Demo this is useless. The demo also proves that the producer and mixing engineer completely botched what this album could've been.
  17. Their drums are 100% programmed or heavily sample replaced so it doesn't shock me that a drummer change had zero impact on their sound. Totally agree, their production sounds so plasticy and fake.
  18. Both are amazing! Guitar work blew me away, glad to have bands out there still actually playing their instruments.
  19. It's a solid song and I like this a whole lot more than Degenerates. But I don't think I'll ever get used to this super polished modern pop sounding ADTR. Their albums always had this "raw" feel to them especially with the absense of synth and the guitar/bass mix. This sounds like any other modern metalcore band production wise. Also not a fan of the vocal effects, Jeremy definitely doesn't need those.
  20. Meh. These guys haven't done anything interesting since Dark Matter and this doesn't help either.
  21. It's pretty much either chugging or chorused/phased dissonant higher stuff. I get your complaint but the tone really fits the music IMO.
  22. Alright song, ADTR have always had fun, catchy softer songs so I'm not really worried about them abandoning their metalcore roots. Not a huge fan of the 808 synths and tons of auto-tune on Jeremy's voice though, they were doing just fine without those. Also can we talk about the production? Sounds absolutely dreadful. Why do they continue to accept these sub-par productions? BV was also a mess production wise, I don't get it. This is the band that released Homesick and CC, two of the best-sounding records of the last decade.
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