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  1. Alright song, ADTR have always had fun, catchy softer songs so I'm not really worried about them abandoning their metalcore roots. Not a huge fan of the 808 synths and tons of auto-tune on Jeremy's voice though, they were doing just fine without those. Also can we talk about the production? Sounds absolutely dreadful. Why do they continue to accept these sub-par productions? BV was also a mess production wise, I don't get it. This is the band that released Homesick and CC, two of the best-sounding records of the last decade.
  2. Yeah I have to backtrack a little with that. FDTD had its moments.
  3. Reign of Terror is better than the last three AA albums. Just because Till Death was super crabcore doesn't make them "AA wannabes" and they really stepped up after their debut. Too many people watched 10 seconds of the Knife song video and made up their minds about the band based on that.
  4. Yeah or at least paying royalties. I'm not defending them fucking him over but at the same time he has to do this via proper channels aka lawyers. It's no tlike this is the first time this has ever happened in the history of music lol.
  5. He already delayed the album by two years so there's that for revenge. If he had solid proof that he wrote the entire thing that would be grounds for a lawsuit and he should pursue that instead of shit talking them on social media. It's a shitty situation for all people involved and I hope they can sort it out at some point because it's been two years of nonstop "but miiiiitch" every time this band is mentioned.
  6. First two singles were way better this is kinda average
  7. Pretty fun album, largely follows the softer direction of Retrograde but luckily it followed the good half of the album (Zero, Hologram etc.) and has some pretty cool heavy sections as well. I don't enjoy the new screamer's screams as much as Andy's and especially Dave's but oh well. Looove the electronics on songs like MZRY, I wish they had more of that and less poppy bullshit like BLURRY (pretty sure I've heard that exact song before). Red Pills is def a standout song Sequence also positively suprised me.
  8. Holy fuck these guys are so good when they actually release something. The last album plus every all the singles since then have been killer.
  9. Not sure what's worse, this song or the two edgelords and their genre war derailing the thread.
  10. I expected nothing different but I'm still kind of disappointed. Even on the sub-par ST this would be below average. Nothing against going softer but you can't just build a song around ONE good riff (that was apparently stolen from Jaden?!) and just repeat it ad nauseum and call that a song. Lackluster stuff and big yikes for the new album if this is the lead single. Video was well done though.
  11. Loving that artwork holy shit. Song is alright, looking forward to the album.
  12. What's with all these big metalcore acts collaborating with EDM artists recently? Really cool to see.
  13. Nothing groundbreaking, but then again these guys have been very consistently solid over the years so it's not like they have to change a whole lot to be good. They're probably never gonna top Hell Frost but I can dig this, looking forward to another TU album.
  14. Pretty good. Band tanked hard on Retrograde but the singles have been damn good. Probably won't top LImitless and The Fallout but I'll take it.
  15. Haven't listened to this band in a solid decade. So glad they're back, I remember Over and Under and Taking You Down were insanely good.
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