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  1. Holy fuck these guys are so good when they actually release something. The last album plus every all the singles since then have been killer.
  2. Not sure what's worse, this song or the two edgelords and their genre war derailing the thread.
  3. I expected nothing different but I'm still kind of disappointed. Even on the sub-par ST this would be below average. Nothing against going softer but you can't just build a song around ONE good riff (that was apparently stolen from Jaden?!) and just repeat it ad nauseum and call that a song. Lackluster stuff and big yikes for the new album if this is the lead single. Video was well done though.
  4. Loving that artwork holy shit. Song is alright, looking forward to the album.
  5. What's with all these big metalcore acts collaborating with EDM artists recently? Really cool to see.
  6. Nothing groundbreaking, but then again these guys have been very consistently solid over the years so it's not like they have to change a whole lot to be good. They're probably never gonna top Hell Frost but I can dig this, looking forward to another TU album.
  7. Pretty good. Band tanked hard on Retrograde but the singles have been damn good. Probably won't top LImitless and The Fallout but I'll take it.
  8. Haven't listened to this band in a solid decade. So glad they're back, I remember Over and Under and Taking You Down were insanely good.
  9. After listening to the whole thing: Love all the songs besides Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave. Legacy is a tad too hopecore/arena rock but the delivery is 10/10. I love their evolution as a band every album is different but they're still keeping it real and not abandoning what made them great in the first place. Lots of bands could learn a thing from MIW. Overall great album, gonna jam this all year.
  10. The choir is very off-putting. Some good ideas throughout the song, not a fan of the woahs during the chorus though. Breakdown was cool.
  11. I loved the last two singles but this rips even more. Fuck this album is gonna be a blast.
  12. Shades of Blue >>> Asking Alexandria ST. This is some fantastic songwriting and feels so fresh to the ear.
  13. I legit though I heard this song before lmao. This uses the exact same production and mix template as Unleashed and the lyrics are the same as every song on Unleashed as well. I mean it's not terrible and I'm sure this will top the active rock charts but it also feels kinda cheap.
  14. I'm inclined to agree. Don't get me wrong, Chester's death is extremely tragic and I feel for his family and the band. It is to be said tho that everything after Minutes To Midnight was pretty damn lackluster and people shit on One More Light nonstop when it came out. Only after Chester's death did OML get praised to hell and back (by the same people shitting on in before of course). This song again is very predictable and while catchy this is so below what LP is capable of that it's not even funny.
  15. Pretty boring, chorus is underwhelming to say the least
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