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  1. After hearing it sometimes, it's really a killer song!
  2. Dope album! 5 Stars! And thanks @mR12
  3. This track is sick! Nu-Metal & Rap together is fire!
  4. My little review: Voices- Awesome! I, The Mask- Awesome! Call My Name- It works I Am Above- Awesome! Follow Me- Well.. not my taste. But it works. (This Is Our) House- takes time to get use to. We Will Remember- Cool song! In This Life- Really relaxing song. Burn- Intense, but cool. Deep Inside- Well.. i get a little of indian vibes to it. All the Pain- It works Stay with Me- Reminds me a little from Come Clarity song. Not Alone- It works *Heaviest Songs for me is Voices, I, The Mask, I Am Above & Burn.* To be fully honest, i wished the album was waaay more heavier. My favorite albums is: Soundtrack To Your Escape, Come Clarity & A Sense Of Purpose.
  5. YES! Can't wait till i hear it🔥👊 Thanks, @LKA !
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