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  1. Sick track! Surprised how heavy it is.
  2. I'm actually surprise how good this album is! Double thumbs up!!
  3. My favorite tracks on the album will be "Something of My Own" and "Otsego Placebo". I get a little KoRn vibe in this album. It's awesome!
  4. I can't choose a favorite song, because every song is killing it. Album of the YEAR!
  5. Siiick Album, Thanks @Summers !
  6. I guess i was writing too fast. Shit happens.
  7. Well, we all do mistakes. I'll keep the 2nd one.
  8. Well, here is my answer to AA's new album. I have only heard few of the songs enough to not like it, and i am very disappointed. Prove me wrong, after Danny was with them til "From Death To Destiny" everything went to shit. Well, Dennis "tried" to save it through with "The Black" Which i didn't like. Now.. Everything is lost, and some of you have to accept they're new style. Hope some of you understand what i mean. Cheers!
  9. They really need to go back and get the vibe from Reckless And Relentless.
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