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  1. I'll give this album 8.5/10 Favorite songs: The Darkness Is Revealing Can You Hear Me This Loss
  2. Whaat?! Siiick, already! Thanks, @Michael !!
  3. I really dig this song, the drumming is siiick! Some people gonna say almost every Metalcore bands sound the same. No, they don't. If you listen very closely and focused, you hear the difference!
  4. Siiick & Intense album! Thanks @Lord Kingdom!
  5. Dope track! Thanks @BenjaminBurnley
  6. FEAR INOCULUM tracklist Physical: 1. Fear Inoculum 2. Pneuma 3. Invincible 4. Descending 5. Culling Voices 6. Chocolate Chip Trip 7. 7empest Bonus tracks (available via the digital release; physical copy includes a digital download card): • Litanie contre la Peur • Legion Inoculant • Mockingbeat From Adam Jones Instagram.
  7. Yes!! Thank you, @Summers EDIT: This is soo good, fantastic song, melodi & voice. I already know this album is gonna be extremely good!
  8. Siiick this was fast! Good job @mR12
  9. Can't download it, losing connecting to the site. EDIT: Got it! Thanks @Draxcazel !
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