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  1. I chosed wrong bands. EDIT now. I had to think last record from 07.
  2. Alright, i got a couple ones that i miss: 1. Rage Against The Machine (It's a must!) 2. Crossfade 3. Earshot 4. Subersed 5. Trustcompany
  3. I can get away with it by ignoring it.
  4. I have never spoken to you or your son. Hell are you talking about.
  5. Here's mine: 1. Nickelback 2. One Direction 3. Green Day 4. Coldplay 5. Black Veil Brides 6. Creed 7. Kiss 8. Eagle Owl
  6. PassTheLeaks doesn't work for me.. @Zephyr Sunrise
  7. I haven't been through the album yet, it sounds siiick already! Don't sleep on this one!
  8. After hearing it twice. It's a cool song and very catchy.
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