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  1. Sucks on infinite darkness right at the end theres an obnoxious pop/click. Its on all versions of this album. Itunes, apple music, and physical cd. Cant believe in this day in age producers cant hear that shit.
  2. Not sure what to think about this. I wish he stayed with the heavier stuff. I miss the older albums. This is kind of all over the place.
  3. Is the FLAC vinyl rip or digital download that came with it?
  4. Thanks for the preview. Leak this. Please and thank you.
  5. Its ok. Was hoping for something with screams etc. This literally is repetitive as hell.
  6. Damn, Fakin the Funk is saying track "Gun" is 128 kbps. All others check out at 320 joint stereo. Weird. Edit: NM its literally a song of just him singing and piano. That's most likely why.
  7. Well, now all I have left to do is eat shit. Ive seen shit and now ive heard shit.
  8. Where is the rest of the album? These are only tracks 12-16? Thanks for posting though.
  9. Wow. This is so good. Way better than I expected. This competes as one of their best albums easily with WDT. Shame Wayne isnt here to experience this.
  10. Wow this album is poop. Might be worst album of the year so far. Wont get that 45min back. :(
  11. Unreal how good this album is. Easily their best album period and also AOTY thus far. Will have to take a beast of another album to dethrone it this year. Bravo BT on a masterpiece.
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