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  1. As previously stated, track 7 missing from FLAC.
  2. @Mr. Electric hey, retard he said that IT IS A 320 NOT 128. Im just relaying the info to him he is not correct in case he is misunderstanding. Stfu already. mR12 Edit. warned. Please do not insult other users.
  3. Again, thanks for the rip. The thing is this is 128. Its not 320 like you think it is. All spectrals and audio checkers confirm its a legit 128. Plus, the file size confirms it too. If you don’t know how to rip in 320 or lossless I think instructions were posted in this post earlier on helping walk you through it. Again, thanks for the rip and for 128 it sounds good but its not 320.
  4. Apologize about asking questions. Not complaints at all. Being there is 30 seconds of silence before a track starts I feel justifies a question. Regardless, is what it is. Have fun talking shit to people behind your powerful keyboards.
  5. Thanks! Whats up with all the seconds of silence on the instrumental? Track 1 has over 30 seconds and then a few others have some as well. Intentional or big glitch?
  6. Seems hatebreed sent out all preorders so im sure itll be proper 320/flac soon.
  7. Dude, im asking him if he is doing a rip in 320/FLAC. Geezis. He has the cd, you dont. Let him answer.
  8. @Zakt9292 is who I was referring to in my comment. I know he ripped it. So was asking if he was doing a 320/FLAC being he has the cd.
  9. Badass! Thank you for this. Is 320/FLAC coming being you have the physical cd? Thanks!
  10. New versions just the mp3 or the flac as well? If you purchase digital from bmth site is the digital in all formats?
  11. Doesnt make sense. Then wth is the flac sourced from? Why would there be a lossless release on the album then? All these leak day leaks come from streaming services?
  12. Ok. So the 320/FLAC this thurs on leak day will have that new remastered versions?
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