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  1. Wow. This is so good. Way better than I expected. This competes as one of their best albums easily with WDT. Shame Wayne isnt here to experience this.
  2. Wow this album is poop. Might be worst album of the year so far. Wont get that 45min back. :(
  3. Unreal how good this album is. Easily their best album period and also AOTY thus far. Will have to take a beast of another album to dethrone it this year. Bravo BT on a masterpiece.
  4. Ahh I didnt know it was a cover. My bad. No wonder its terrible. 😂
  5. Wow, this is terrible. I miss the old Sevendust.
  6. Wow. Really liking this. Carry on is garbage but this album def has some bangers on it. Def my fave of theirs since XIII.
  7. Im intrigued to hear the whole thing though. 17 tracks and only three have leaked. The first single is the best of them to me. The others fall flat. I see where they are trying to go adding her with those type of songs but overall I dont feel she fits in at all. Hopefully they have some straight forward heavy songs on the album without her in the vocals.
  8. Well youll get to hear the whole album any time now. Im sure itll leak soon, if not thurs am. Hopefully they have some classic MH sounding tracks on it because if its 17 tracks of this garbage my god.
  9. Yea not sure wtf this is. They shouldve left this chick out. She is not a good addition.
  10. Difference is im making a general statement based on how I feel overall and stating my opinion. Im not responding to other members posts quoting them that their opinions/thoughts are wrong because they dont match my own. Thats all. Im not going to get into argument. Downvote as much as you all want. No shits given here.
  11. Congratulations. You have an opinion. We are all entitled to our own. How about that for ya...
  12. Everyone is saying how bad this album is but is claiming Make Them Suffers new album and the rest of that generic metalcore is AOTY. Crazy how everyones taste is so much different. Ill be listening to this like crazy. Makes me forget about MTS and TGI completely. To each their own I guess.
  13. Awesome album. Resurrection Man is sick.
  14. @noobtastic Yup was just about to say that myself. Tomorrow proper rips will hit at leak day so no biggy at all.
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