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  1. Has about 5 good songs on it. Rest are too much like nickelback for my liking.
  2. Another crap song. Ill be there is good and reminds me of their first album but the rest is like wow, wtf. Where is the heaviness. I liked their first album. This album is going to be Nickelback 2.0. 🤮
  3. So being this is m4a, does that mean this was purchased off itunes? Or was it a cd source ripped with itunes?
  4. Its all good. The song sucks my ass but just wanted to let them know in case it was labeled wrong etc.
  5. The japanese version shouldnt have elevator girl as the english version. The english version was for other markets as there are other versions of this album. Just fyi...
  6. Is this true 320? Can anyone pull spectrals on it?
  7. Great album. My only complaint is the production. Its trash. My own grave sounds great but rest of album is crap. That makes my own grave stick out like it came from somewhere else or something. Very bizarre. Anyways, thats my only issue. Songs are great though.
  8. Exactly. They shouldve had him do entire album or removed it from the album and left it as a stand alone single. It sticks out from rest of album. Doesnt sound the same. Annoying as fuck actually.
  9. Youd think at that point they wouldve mixed it to fit in w the others. Or just keep it as a stand alone single and off the album.
  10. Is it just me or does my own grave stick out over the rest as louder and doesnt hit the highs and lows of the other songs. It was the only track that was mix and mastered seperate to the rest and by someone else.
  11. This album is ok. Nothing very catchy and the breakdown parts are meh. Maybe thats why its called The Nothing? Because nothing is really here. The heavier parts are few and far between. I feel each song had a lot more potential but they never quite hit the mark. To each their own I guess. Just not in the top tier w other Korn albums to me. Super disappointed.
  12. Its not that bad. Def has its sleeper shit tracks but also has a lot of bangers. Compared to new fozzy song these are all winners.
  13. Is this a cd rip but just in 192? Or webrip with just ok quality?
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