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  1. Maybe on leakday we will get a copy that doesnt have pops and crackles in it. Hope thats not how it was recorded. Garbage.
  2. Zeig Dich has a nasty pop/crackle at 39 seconds in. At 2:38 too.
  3. So this is a stream rip? Is it shit quality?
  4. Damn, thought this was whole album leak for a second lol.
  5. Why are the bonus songs seperate? Are they from previous 160/320 rip?
  6. Disappointing album. Ugh. Best songs are the songs already released.
  7. Oh damn. Why would they be 160 if he ripped them in 320 straight from the discs? Confusing. Maybe he can re-rip them using EAC. 😉
  8. None of the files for me show 160. Mine all show as 320.
  9. I ordered it and its shipped w tracking. If I get it early ill def submit it. Shocked so many people already have it and nobody has submitted yet.
  10. Im shocked no 320 rip. The deluxe editions have been shipped for a bit now. Many people have it.
  11. Thanks! Can we get the FLAC?
  12. Wonder why these early ones are always ripped in 128. If you have the disc to rip then just do 320. Confuses me. Maybe the source of these will drop them in 320 and just to get the rip out quickly he/she did 128.
  13. Its the wrong album uploaded. Its not the new one.
  14. Is this a legit 320 cdrip? Or is it a transcode?
  15. Both new songs extremely bland. Its too bad. So much potential. Figured one would be heavy. Nope. Mediocre at best. Bummer.
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