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  1. Sorry Sorry
  3. I mean last album was Jeremy McKinnon, they can only get heavier from there.
  4. These singles take multiple listens to enjoy, but they are great. I love ND, probably will no matter what they put out. I did notice Ben's voice changed, in a good way in my opinion. If anyone has been paying attention at all his voice has literally changed every single album, don't see why people complain about this because a lot of vocalist don't do this and remain the same. I think his voice was at his prime the last album, but these are only two singles, and he could very well go back to the same tone and pitch as previous albums on other songs on the album, it wouldn't surprise me. On another note, I really hope "In Bloom" is not a Nirvana cover.
  5. It's Crown The Empire
  6. On a more serious note according to this album, I listened to it about three times yesterday, depsite me judging this album before listening to it, it had some real gems on it. However, it also had some of Linkin Park's worst work on here. While I don't mind the shift in sound, I just wish they kind of put more effort into this album, some of it felt really lazy and uncreative. I give this album 2.5 • ͜ •/ 5 • ͜ •'s
  7. i'm glad +1 for you
  8. the violin has spoken
  9. better than parasnore
  10. single

    So you're saying this isn't sorry material? Damn.
  11. I always told people he left 1D to make actual music, this proves my point.
  12. I wish this leaked like 2 hours ago when I was driving to work, oh well lol. Let's see how good this is.