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  1. That's what I'm saying, that album had some gems on it. Really catchy stuff on there, with this album (in my opinion) the only good songs were Walking The Wire, Whatever It Takes, and Rise Up. The rest were not memorable to me whatsoever.
  2. This is my fav https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMaRHLMjGws
  3. Yeah he does, probably why someone tried to kill him yesterday.
  4. When you think about it, the guy's an obese fucking genius. He has all these shitty pop artists come do everything for him except make a beat on FLStudio, and he gets a good 80% of the credit because his name is on it. What other "producers" are doing this currently? He mainly doesn't have to live up to any expectations or hype, because well he doesn't give a fuck, it's the other artists that take all the heat.
  5. On my own counting on a ....oh wait
  6. I can't feel my dick when I'm with you.
  7. The last album was great wtf, quite possibly their best work.
  8. They're not really Ska anymore, their previous albums sure. But not this one.
  9. In that case that's ok, didn't know he's been around that long.
  10. I noticed it too, it sounds a lot more compressed than it should. That being said, this single is 10x better than the previous one. Is this song about his abusive dad/grandpa?
  11. Have they announced when their new album is even dropping? They've released two singles and we haven't heard anything.
  12. Now THIS is nice.
  13. Rapper names are getting more autistic as days go on.