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  1. Easily the best new and upcoming pop punk band
  2. I love this, very relaxing and a different vibe to a very upbeat song. Also @AMNESIK get your ears checked, I can hear them just fine.
  3. Holy shit now that's what I call a M E M E
  4. Waiting on Jarrod Alonge's parody band to be named "Ring of Uranus"
  5. It feels like they're all trying too hard on this
  6. I love this more than I should.
  7. When are you going to take Mariah Carey's huge tits out of your signature
  8. I'll give you that one, I did enjoy listening to that. Kinda forgot about it honestly.
  9. It baffles me that people enjoy downloading fully loaded garbage bags.
  10. But when were they ever good?
  11. Still not as good as the "sorry" thread.
  12. As do i And @A Bale of Turtles
  13. This was long forgotten about. And it can stay long forgotten about.
  14. 21 Savage, why you trappin' so hard? Butthole whistle when I fart