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  1. this was good! But the Bury Tomorrow version will still reign the best for me
  2. Dude these are amazing! You should make a main artwork for the new Coldrain album! I loved The Side EFFECTS to death but I can't stand the artwork that they used for the album
  3. Bruh seriously, Phil needs to start a Post-Grunge/Alternative Metal side project or something! Dude has the cleans perfect for the genre
  4. Sorry guys, been busy with work, unfortunately my link doesn't work anymore :( sorsorry homies
  5. I'll send you a private link bro :)
  6. You know, if you guys add on the other singles Neon, Promises, Dead Like Me, Risen, and Reign Dance to this Ep, you got a pretty decent Debut record
  7. I like this EP! I'm surprised this dude's Debut album Gravity wasn't posted on here. It came out in September, was looking forward to it but this was great
  8. Bro your band released a solid debut man, you should be feel really proud of this man! I will support all your future records!
  9. Hey there is also a bonus vinyl Track called Loneliness
  10. There's a reason why you're one of my favorite people on here and this reassures it!!! : )
  11. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Been waiting on this for a while! Love this dude's voice!
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