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  1. Real good stuff my bro! What a great work you did!!! Awesome EP : )
  2. Oh HelloDarkness you truly are a blessing to this site! Thank you!!
  3. Cool I remembered from their wiki page, wonder what UTD are up to
  4. This was the original band of the new screamer of Upon This Dawning right?
  5. Great album! Really enjoyable! Great instrumental and vocals!
  6. You got a point, they did have a flare, Speech Patterns released a good EP in my book! Hopefully they can release a Full Length next year
  7. You do know that Hearts & Hands are now The New Low right?
  8. As much as I every that album, Deadweight is just Cold World disguised!!! What the Hey!
  9. I'm crying as well
  10. You'll always be my favorite webmaster! Thanks for everything bro! We'll miss you!
  11. As long has they are within the eligible years, you'll be good (:
  12. We shall see bro, obviously the staff can't ignore the new leaks, but this could be our KL Family tradition, I'll still talk it over with MR12 about more details, thanks for your time!
  13. Hope that's a good thing haha
  14. Yes sir! (:
  15. Sure thing bro (: I will