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  1. that is awesome, this album is fantastic, would love to have it in lossless. i accidently deleted my itunes in the cloud the other day and didn't have a single back up on my harddrives (which is totally my fault) so now anything somewhat obscure im wanting in lossless
  2. thanks! trying not to download until flac!
  3. can we get this in flac please?
  5. any chance of this in flac?
  6. must hold off for flac
  7. @mr12 ok thanks
  8. @mR12 any updates on this, i know it's been awhile.
  9. that was incredibly fast, thanks!
  10. @mR12 so i was wondering....i notice there is an activity feed set up for new topics and posts....would there be anyway to create an activity feed for "new topics". that way we could set up an rss for that. That would essentially solve all of the people with rss feed issues.
  11. ok, thanks
  12. so just out of curiosity is there a way to manipulate the "new downloads" tab into its own rss through activity stream? i still get the url/# thing when i go into make my own stream or to edit it
  13. hows the rss feed coming along? or just a feed that shows new uploads only, no comments notifications, no "like" notifications, just anytime there is a new leak added here it shows up on the rss feed. I'm just getting to many pointless notifications on my rss