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  1. Jonny Craig has really changed his look, hardly recognizable
  2. having an RSS feed for HQ rips would be a really great addition. i for one always download flacs of albums that are posted here, so being able to get a notification of when my preferred quality is added would be a great benefit. thanks for hearing it out!
  3. i have this in flac if i can give it to a mod or whatever to up it
  4. @coachlow Junior came across TDS through Pandora after they had broken up. Long story short him and AJ became friends, and helped motivate them to come back. for reference: https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/d34w7x/dale-earnhardt-jr-interview-about-pop-punk
  5. after the way they broke up it's hard to believe it is 2018 and we are listening to a new Dangerous Summer record....this will likely be my album of the year.
  6. more then likely def a cd rip. they started selling them on tuesday at their set in nashville, im honestly surprised its just now getting leaked. I've been waiting and waiting and waiting! thanks!
  7. i'd say MGK is above mediocre however this song is just that.