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  1. i dont have a shareable link, i meant i could share to a moderator here for them to add? I dont know i've never done it before?
  2. hopefully there will be a b-side ep or a deluxe as you please release, b-side citizen is better then most a-side anything else
  3. YAHSSSSS, Kendrick Lamar, I like you and ima let you finish, but Citizen - As You Please was 2017 AOTY
  4. thanks for the flac....this is a tough listen if you're an old hellogoodbye fan. I have been through the album once and didn't like a single song
  5. Jonny Craig has really changed his look, hardly recognizable
  6. having an RSS feed for HQ rips would be a really great addition. i for one always download flacs of albums that are posted here, so being able to get a notification of when my preferred quality is added would be a great benefit. thanks for hearing it out!
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