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Everything posted by Phantomanthem2017

  1. They finally did their We Butter The Bread With Butter covers 👀👏🏼
  2. I was at the point where I wasnt even sure we were getting the album anymore, or if I even wanted it for that matter, but the preview yesterday got me hyped. And hearing it now, I'm pretty disappointed... on top of the the release date is ridiculously late after the original one and the album artwork (the supposed reason we had to wait so long) is lowkey ass 🤦🏻‍♂️ I've only liked 2 of the other singles. Gotta say this album isnt looking too good right now.
  3. Anyone else notice the guitar solo on Open Wounds sounds very similar to the one on Hegira from Phenomena? Nice little callback there 🔥 killer record for sure tho
  4. My bad, hadn't been on all day, and just barely saw his reply, didnt see how far back the last reply was. I was 12 hours late on the Black Heart leak 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. You're a joke, I'm done 😂😂😂😂
  6. Goddamn! You seem salty. Theres a difference between idolizing a band, saying that can do no wrong and preferring the get a show (instrumental or not) over having the whole thing canceled. How about this, if you really think so low of this band, why are you putting so much time into commenting on here and arguing with people online who actually care about the band like some internet gangster 😅 why not just ignore the leak and stick to whatever you want??
  7. Don't think they really care all that much about your pennies in particular big guy, how does that compare to all the shows they're selling out instrumental or not. Let's see you get up on stage and play the guitar with broken fingers, or play the drums with broken arms. Shit happens, get over yourself Saw them in L.A. back in February, same setlist. They fucking killed it, and I personally would kill to see them again, instrumental or not
  8. Well it's good but I definitely prefer Bleeding Sun over this. It just hit a little differently. But this is sounding like its gonna be one of their best bodies of work when its fully out
  9. Is this tracklist official or just yall throwing the EP in there??
  10. Yooo! Oomp's Revenge 2 goes hard af 👀👀
  11. Sheesh, never heard this band, never will... they're too wild 😂😂
  12. So I see they apparently had other controversies before, what else happened??
  13. Man you gotta make it today's mission, listen to phenomena, elite and invade, 3 of the most interesting sounding albums I've heard in my life. Halfway human is just as good with clean vocals added 👌🏼👌🏼
  14. Why did I have to check this out 6 hours later to find out Molotov Solution came back!? Ight guys, I see you 😁😁😁
  15. For a sec I thought 5his was Austrian Death Machine lmao
  16. Album of the year material for sure, both singles are absolute bangers. Unpopular opinion but An Eye For An Eye has always been my favorite release from these guys (mainly for the diversity... I do agree that the others kinda sounded like one long song) and DD was another nice change of sound but this might be their best one yet 🔥🔥 that breakdown at 1:45 really gives me ABR vibes and I'm here for it
  17. Bruh. Ive listened 5 times now. No bad tracks. Certified banger all the way through
  18. Just gotta say I've had all 5 parts in a playlist and really didnt get the feel of an entire album, just 5 eps, and I didnt think adding 2 more songs would make too much of a difference. But hearing the whole thing back to back really proved me wrong. It's crazy, I thought they had perfected their sound in the coma witch gravebloom era but this is another step in the right direction. EASILY their best yet. Only thing that bums me out is that I've grown to love them having longer closers (cold gloom, observer) but other than that, it's perfect. The transitions in solace and serenity get me every time 🔥🔥🔥
  19. I saw him on his coadm tour and he previewed Perfect at the show. I believe it was back in November but I was so stoked to hear it again. He snapped on that one 🔥🔥
  20. Can we just appreciate the fact that Tom sounds like he did on Flesh Coffin in this song 🔥🔥 this album is about to be nasty af.
  21. I dont want to sound like a hater and I absolutely understand that Alex has definitely done a lot for this band, but in all honesty after My Damnation he kind of fell off. Ashes to ashes was still decent but I couldn't get into self inflicted at all, I barely acknowledge it to this day. When I heard Tom was joing it gave me hope for the band again and the only thing that bummed me out was that Lorna Shore would have to replace him (whole other story) but I personally think he brought some life back into CG
  22. Very solid work 🙏🏼💯 honestly feels like an album that was his and actually finished... not something the label put together for a cash grab. R.I.P. Juice 🔥 we miss you
  23. Bruh I have all 4 songs in a playlist rn and listening to them all the way through, it's so hard to believe that all 4 songs together dont even make 10 mins. And nothing too memorable here, gotta say it looks like this is gonna be a major disappointment 🤦🏻‍♂️🥺
  24. Where are you getting this information from?? 😱😱 if theres still more I'm so fucking stoked
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