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  1. God... Reptile is godlike and Satellites is my new favorite closer... these guys are always on point with their closing tracks 🔥👍
  2. Anyone else just gonna add Pizza, Callout 2 and Three 6 as bonus tracks to make it a bit longer?? 🤔😅
  3. Any chance we can get that updated version?
  4. Anyone else notice it's actually BURN me in Blasphemy tho? 😅😅 that's what's on the cover
  5. 😱😱😱😱😱 seriously the best I'm getting this Halloween!! Loved every second!! So glad they're back
  6. Wait! Is this Grudges as in (Alex Kohler) Grudges???
  7. Still got it! 👌🤘🔥 new Browning is always a nice surprise 😎😆
  8. @BrickFace that just cleared everything up 😂🔥🙌 it all makes sense now lmao
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