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  1. If you put "No Love / No One" as a bonus track on this album, and delete "Style" it will become perfect.
  3. THANKS @Prototype539 FOR SHOWING ME THIS FOCKIN BAND 🤜🏻🤛🏻 I'm addicted 🤤
  4. To be a quality of 128kbps... it sounds perfectly good 🤤
  5. This record is a real thrash metal class \,,/
  6. I'm positively surprising myself with this band. Good singles 🔥
  7. Before i heard them a lot of people told me that this band was boring, and i have to agree. This song almost made me sleep 😴
  8. Thank u @WeAreNotYourKind50 ajshhahshd
  9. HELLYEA 🔥 even though it is a quality of 128, the album still sounds amazing.
  10. This song is so fucking awesome I had to include it on the album tracklist
  11. Of course, I think this song just didn't come on the album because it has a different lyrics than the album theme.
  12. If you consider "bury me in blasphemy" a bonus track you will have one more song
  13. HOLYFUCK!! these previews mean "leaking soon"? 😏😏😏
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